Planning GOTV and Staying on Message with Aaron Harris

Raz Shafer
Dec 14, 2016 · 2 min read

Voter Fraud, Planning GOTV and Staying on Message

Today we’re talking to Aaron Harris about managing campaigns, the differences between partisan and nonpartisan races and what you can do to avoid losing your race due to voter fraud. We’re going to talk in depth about Planning GOTV operations and how to stay on message when you are under attack.


Aaron has been involved in running state and local campaigns for a number of years, both as a consultant and campaign manager. For the last few years he has been heading up Direct Action Texas, focused on helping the grassroots take action in changing local government.

He’s one of the few consultants in Texas who has extensive experience with both partisan and nonpartisan races and has learned a lot about big differences between how those kinds of races should be run.

The area where Aaron has made recent news is in regards to uncovering voter fraud. His investigations catalyzed what is now the largest voter fraud investigation ever undertaken by the state of Texas and the crimes were committed right in our backyard, Fort Worth Texas.

Aaron is a good friend and frequent co-conspirator. He’s got some great advice for us today and I’m excited to have him on.

Links from the Podcast​

​Direct Action Texas: Website, Facebook and Twitter

Email Aaron:

DATX Voter Fraud Presentation: Click here

Important Time Stamps and Descriptions

00:00 Special Request

00:24 Introduction — Aaron Harris

02:00 Tell us a bit more about your background and what you’ve been involved in.

03:30 What was it that got you started in politics?

05:00 Managing campaigns, Planning GOTV and working in partisan races

08:50 Winning Jonathan Stickland’s first House campaign

12:00 Pros and Cons of running as an incumbent

13:00 Dealing with electoral challenges without compromising

17:17 Killer Planning GOTV tips for Candidates

23:20 How Wendy Davis helped Conservatives win big in Texas

25:00 How are Municipal/Non-Partisan races different from other elections?

32:03 Talking about Voter Fraud: how it occurs, where it’s an issue and how to keep it from stealing your race.

34:51 Do you know how many dollars, doors and donors you need to win?

36:38 Don’t be afraid to submit Open Records Requests! They can help you a lot.

38:08 How to microtarget your voters and use data to turn out voters on election day

41:06 Planning GOTV + Strategy and what are you going to do with the data?

43:08 Breaking down the differences between Identification, Persuasion and GOTV

46:05 Do you have a clear message and are you sticking to it?

48:33 Do you have a well outlined budget and clear vote goal?

50:56 Don’t get pulled off your message!

51:20 Where can listeners find you online?

51:52 Outro

Originally published at My Campaign Coach.

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