🔥 We have successfully closed our crowdsale!

We would like to thank everyone for their interest in our project, and we would like to communicate our progress so far

In the last months, the crypto space was hit by several bad news that affected all trading markets influencing all projects in this space, even the most known ones have been affected by this situation.

Ethereum price dropped more than 100% since we have started our campaign on the 1st of July 2018, while other coins dropped even more. Even with this situation, we have managed to raise $12,260,134 surpassing the soft cap of $4,642,115.

During our journey so far, we would like to highlight our latest achievements and present the upcoming events:

  1. We have launched the PoW Capital (CALL) main network.
  2. We have launched mining pools for Capital (CALL) main network.

We have listed all our assets on the barterDEX exchange with this tickers: ERC-20 Capital (CALL) as OCALL, ERC-20 Capital GAS (CALLG) as CALLG, PoW Capital (CALL) as CALL. You can trade all assets on all available pairs listed.

For those who are unfamiliar with barterDEX exchange interface (GUI), you can always use HyperDEX GUI. It works on the same network as barterDEX, trades are the same as on barterDEX, except it has a user-friendly interface.

We are still waiting for other exchanges to list our assets. In the meantime, you can trade our ERC-20 assets on these exchanges:

ERC-20 Capital (CALL) token


ERC-20 Capital GAS (CALLG) token


All ERC-20 Capital (CALL) token holders would need to swap their ERC-20 Capital (CALL) tokens into the new blockchain in the following weeks once we make this announcement.

We are preparing a platform where our assets will be used as the main currency, also we are preparing to launch our own DEX in order to facilitate market exposure.

For more information, visit https://www.mycapitalco.in/. You can also connect with us on Telegram, Twitter, Medium and Facebook. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for important updates!