My Career Mentor Inc. Launches Its First Youth And Young Adult Mentoring Sessions On August 17th

My Career Mentor inc. is proud to announce our program for youth and young adults between the ages of 12 to 29, to receive career-focused mentoring in various fields of interest. Our virtual sessions will run for 10 weeks from August 17, 2020 until October 30, 2020 during after school hours.

My Career Mentor seeks to improve our mentees capacity for professional and personal economic sustainability & confidence in underserved communities. We will continue to expand our opportunities for partnerships and sponsorships with various exceptional organizations that assist us in the mentoring process.

More information can be found at .

My Career Mentor will focus on four areas of professional development. Our participants will explore and learn technical skills like web design, app development, and cyber security. The art & design curriculum will cover fashion, graphics, and stills. Content creation is in high demand and we are prepared to serve the next generation of screenwriters, web series creators, and independent filmmakers with our individual workshops in all three disciplines.

Registration for My Career Mentor includes:

  • Individual Talent Evaluations
  • Career Advisory
  • Resume Building
  • Economic Literacy
  • School Engagement
  • and more…

For any questions in regards to our current and upcoming training’s or mentor opportunities, please contact us at .

About My Career Mentor

My Career Mentor is a not-for-profit organization focused on providing youth and young adults in underserved communities with career assessments, advisory, and other supportive tools for self- sufficiency. We strive to develop strong, independent, and resourceful individuals who care about our communities. With proper support and guidance, our mentees will give back to the places that gave them the courage to dream and the ability to make those dreams a sustainable reality.

Our professional partners & sponsors serve youth and young adults in underserved communities by combating hurdles to economic mobility. Feel free to contact us.

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