It’s inheritance that is immoral, not inheritance tax
Abi Wilkinson

Abi Wilkinson.

What a nice presentation. i offer comments.

on the side of inheritance is a lot of history. The bible is full of it. and the royalty are also full of it. Blue blood — makes a difference in England. Even today. No? It is the french who . . . ended blue blood.

And burial customs always include RIP. Rest in peace, because we don’t want them coming back to haunt us. this is what gives wills such power, that the dead will haunt the living who disrespected the dead. . so the stories say.

What you are touching is ownership of castles and farms as well as wealthy dynasties, which is to say most of the powers that be are against you.

And, suddenly taking money from those accustomed to it, giving to those unaccustomed, has often had embarrassing outcomes. so if it is to be done carefully, thoughtfully. It might engender laziness in “the poor” waiting for a rich person to die instead of making their own best efforts.

Can a person make a foundation to carry on their values? like Nobel peace prize, Rockefeller foundation, Openheimer, etc.

A tax is a compromise, honor the wishes of the dying, share the wealth.

The thinking that brought you thus far is honorable. Some details must be settled to sell this to the large world.

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