Travel Journal

Location: Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

Time: 8:30am June. 18, 2017

Entry 3: God Flow: You and I are Not the Same

It’s crazy how Spirit chooses to speak to you. And who it chooses to speak through.

The last week or so I’ve had this feeling, a feeling that was confirmed by my Akashic record reading, that I should be distancing myself from Social Media and how often I interact with it.

A toxic place. A negative place. No effective or necessary discourse is being had. No movements being constructed or planned. No ideas being shared.

So why am I there?

After a long day of work yesterday, I decided to decompress by binging on Facebook. I’m not proud of it, but a smooth two hours passed — liking, sharing, dropping thoughts, engaging in conversations — an emotional rollercoaster of interaction as it always is.

Around when I was about to log off, this goofy head ass girl wrote a long ass message on my page about how I need to be soaking in my surroundings, being amongst the people, studying Spanish, reading, and not wasting my time on FB. Talmbout how I talk such a big game and say all this shit on social media, but don’t live it in my real life.

Mind you, I don’t know this vetch.

My first reaction was all ego based. How dare this neeh hop on my timeline trying to tell me about my life like she knows even a shred of what I got going on, what I’m cooking up, how I operate, or how I spend my time. This neeh don’t eem know my real last name. Lick socks, vetch.

I’d just got done having a conversation with another neeh via the interwebz about how we have to stop assuming we know everything there is to know about people based on the lil slice of life they reveal publicly online. It’s problematic, irresponsible, and just fuggin dumb — if I’m being honest.

So yeah, the vetch hurt my feelings.

Mainly because there was several nuggets of Truth embedded within her unwarranted ass, misguided ass barrage.

Hey, Spirit, boo, I see you 🤗.

I could, in fact, be doing better things with my time. And I know that. I’ve been knowing that.

Especially with all that I’m aiming to accomplish, which is a Disney — Hova — Kanye — Elon Musk — Noam Chomsky — Steve Jobs — Oprah — and neehs like them sized wall of shit.

No, I’m not interested in “being amongst the people”, no, I didn’t come to fuggin’ Guatemala to be on fucking vacation, spending my day’s reading gah damn romantic novels in a hammock.

I came here because America’s price tag and way of life, ol “busy yourself with bullshit, so you don’t have time to think clearly, oh I’m cool just getting married at 25 having a baby or two and working until I’m 75" ass mentality, pushed me out the country.

I came here to work. I came here to manifest. To make idea, tangible.

So 95% percent of my time should probably go towards that. Touché lil vetch.

However, I’m been realizing for some time, especially with this time away, that I am not like other human.

We are not cut from the same cloth. We don’t swim in the same pool. We don’t eat the same food.

I didn’t come to earth to dick around. To entertain myself. To distract myself. To live passively.

I came here to build.

To create.

To take life by the gah damn horns.

I keep allowing myself to be disappointed by how 98% of the population chooses to operate — to maneuver.

What they choose to strive for, talk about, consume themselves with.

How they choose to carry themselves, what they choose to think about — the energy they exude, the victimization they embrace.

As if how other neehs choose to live has anything to do with me.

Granted, I understand we all come from shit. I came from shit. Everybody I know came from shit.

But then what? You stay in the shit? You roll in it? You identify with it?

Or you brush it off, and choose not to be a shitty human.

I’m going to stop assuming everybody is my gah damn reflection, a lesson I’ve had to learn time and time again, because the fact remains, they are not.

Some are, but most are not.

And the quicker I embrace that, the quicker I can 1. Stop internalizing the dumb shit goofy head ass mufuckers say to me. And 2. Manifest reflection — partner — tribe — family into my life.

Because reflection is necessary — paramount.

Reflection makes this entire game worthwhile.

But everybody can’t — and shouldn’t be reflection.

You and I are not the same.

And that’s more than ok.

Say word to Spirit.

And say word to one of the only reflections I’ve managed to find, my partner in pineal. Because if not for her — her words, her energy, her confirmation, her REFLECTION.

I would’ve had a mark ass pity party all night instead of walking in Power.