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How is it “ wrong that people choose, rather than lose their plans”? That makes no sense. If a person is no longer legally forced to buy insurance, and CHOOSES to not buy it, how is that “wrong”, Esther? If it’s too expensive to buy, you are crazy if you think government can make it go lower. The ACA HAS NOT. THE ACA has CAUSED PEOPLE TO NOT GET CARE AND DIE! Wake up! With the ACA we have government control your very life and death, with free market, you have money control it, unless we work on the greed in medicine. For now, since ACA is failing and is socialist government control of my life/health, which is bullcra*, repeal it. With no replacement plan, we’d go back to the way it was before with about 1/3 to 2/3 of the citizens not having insurance (of those who WANT IT). I think we should expand Medicaid to help those who fall through the cracks (low income/poor without children), open up markets to get some competition (even if it’s just in regional areas — west coast, east coast, midwest, upper midwest, south, west), FINALLY REGULATE THE LITIGIOUS SIDE of MEDICINE and that will cut costs, as they will not be ordering things just to ‘cover their butt’s (side note: I said no — a number of times ’til it finally registered — to an expensive test, and it turned out I didn’t need it). Also, WORK ON GETTING PHARMA COSTS DOWN, set up a gov fund to help people pay for the high cost of preexisting coverage, open up healthcare saving funds for all (so free markets can make care costs go down), and finally, (and this is a selfish request) have all children covered ’til 26 for all insurance companies. Speaking of insurance companies (and hospitals and docs, for that matter), PUSH that THEY CUT COSTS WHERE THEY CAN, CUT CEO PAY BY 70%, etc. A CEO doesn’t need 15 million dollars a year (and I think that’s on the low end) as he/she couldn’t spend it in 20 lifetimes. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS KEEP HEALTHCARE IN THE CONTROL OF THE PERSON, NOT THE GOVERNMENT.

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