I’m not into sports. Talk to me about basketball and I will only participate if we’re talking about the Michael Jordan era Chicago Bulls. I have a stake on that sport because you can clearly see his passion for the sport. His tongue says it all.

My stake on boxing goes to Ippo Makunouchi (a fictional anime character-protagonist on Hajime no Ippo manga) and Manny Pacquiao. They wear their hearts on their gloves.

On the other hand, I can see no passion coming from Floyd Mayweather, no matter how people dub him ‘smart’ for having a boxing style that involves dancing around, clinching the opponent, and taking points whenever one can while not being hit by the opponent- which is all part and parcel of boxing.

Well, okay, there’s passion alright. It was always about the money, it was not for the love of the sport. And Mayweather never hid his intentions on that. Team money, after all.

Outboxing is beautiful, or have I just set myself up to unrealistic standards watching Miyata Ichirou (a fictional anime character — deuteragonist of the aforementioned Hajime no Ippo manga) or Nicolino Locche (a very good defensive Argentine boxer). Still, I just can’t appreciate Floyd Mayweather’s style. To me it makes a mockery of the rules of the sport.

And this is the White Elephant in the room that Mayweather may or may not be pointing out. It’s the game, boxing itself, that is flawed. You have to win by points. That’s the penultimate line to cross so that you get to arrive to the bottom-line: the prize money. And win by points he did, and took the prize money as well. That is smart indeed.

If we want a real fight, a bloodsport, where hugging (grappling) is not frowned upon, the answer is Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). But there’s no one that has captured my attention just like Michael Jordan and Manny Pacquiao did. And so I wait.

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