How Can You Afford Long Term Travel

The most common scenario that comes to our mind when we think of fulltime travel is that anyone with a rich father can do it. There is no other way you could achieve it unless your father is a billionaire at least. For everyone else, life is a struggle and long term travel is a far-fetched dream. However, the current times are all the more favorable to the travelers than ever. You don’t need to have millions in your bank account to be able to travel for most part of the year. You can pay your bills, be a sustainable traveler, and have a family as well! Seems unbelievable, read below to find out how you can do it.

Travel blogging

Nowhere in the world would you find a travel blogger who started making money the day he or she started writing. You need to put in serious hard work for days, months, and years to make your blog running well so that it yields a decent income. Many travelers opt for travel blogging to sustain through long term travel, while maintaining a serious routine for it. People who do not put in serious work may not succeed any time soon.

Sponsored trips

Sponsorship never comes in easily unless you are very popular. Online presence on various media makes you famous among people, which is when you may start getting offers from various tourism offices if they have a budget. However, this has become a beaten path now, and not many countries invite travel bloggers now because they know that the bloggers themselves are looking for opportunities to wander around the world.

Social media promotions

Promoting a product or service is a popular way of earning nowadays. You already know that a famous cricketer gets payment from a beer brand when he wears a T-shirt with their logo imprinted on it, and it is called brand promotion. Similarly, the brands pay to the online bloggers, Instagram celebs, and famous Snapchat faces to promote their product through photos and videos. That is why; you often see your favorite Instagram personality mentioning a particular product. Gaining followers and audience is all the game nowadays. However, it is better to be creative while promoting a particular product, service, or person rather than spamming the feed of my followers.

Snapchat marketing

You may be shocked to learn that you can even earn by marketing things on Snapchat. If you are a popular personality on this platform, you may get offers from brands and companies here as well. Travel based companies, lifestyle product sellers, companies telling you to rent a car, and clothing brands may approach you to advertise for them. They do pay a good amount of money to promote their brands.

Teaching a language

English is the only international language that has its speakers and followers all over the world. If you are expert in this language, you can certainly make good money teaching it to foreigner students. You can take up an assignment to inculcate new skills in your students in a contract job or associate yourself with an NGO to earn good money. You can also teach any other language that you know and you find a student base for it.

No matter where you go in the world, you will always find something to do that gives you good money, except a few western countries. If you are dedicated to travel for a long time, there are ways to do so, no matter what. Just do it if you want to and start working in this direction from today!