All About Call Tracking And How MyCity Clients Can Benefit

At MyCity Social, call tracking plays a crucial role in helping our customers track the calls they receive from their website. It is a service which enables them to keep track of phone calls in order for us to directly relate it to performance-based advertising. The number is forwarded to the main business phone number so that their personal numbers can be masked or to track down which advertising avenues are proving most successful.

What Information Are We Able To Record From Call Tracking?

❏ Phone calls

❏ Exact Time of Incoming Calls

❏ Number From Call

❏ Location

❏ Digital marketing source

Customers have seen great improvements in their tracking efforts as not only can they gather information about the times of days that obtain the most call volume, but they can also listen in on calls and see if their staff are handling calls professionally. This is an essential tool to any business and one that mycity clients have been raving over.

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