MyCity Social Explains The Difference Between Pinterest and Instagram?

Instagram and Pinterest are two extremely popular social media marketing platforms used by not only individuals, but also increasingly by businesses as a means to advertise their products and services. While both platforms are similar in that they are visually based, there are some differences which might help you, as a business owner, decide which tool best suits your needs. For and in-depth analysis of and help with your social media marketing efforts, give the team at MyCity Social a shout.


With 400 million users worldwide, Instagram is perfect for either social sharing or getting your brand noticed. Instagram focuses more on social interaction between its users, as many of the photos and videos are personal in nature. Actual advertisements tend to be few and far between. This absence of business advertising doesn’t really make Instagram the ideal social media marketing tool to guide users to your business website. Instagram, because of the size of its user base, is instead a better option for establishing your startup business.


With about a quarter of the number of worldwide users compared to Instagram. Followers on Pinterest, however, tend to be outside the account holder’s personal circle which means a great potential for marketing. Photos uploaded to Pinterest are of a higher quality making it a great way to present your product line and drive users to your business website.

How About Using Both Platforms?

Using both Instagram and Pinterest is a great idea, provided each platform is used in the proper way. Contact the marketers at MyCity Social to learn more about these and other social media platforms and how they can help you grow your business.