No one wants to talk to other people these days. Watssapp, yes, text em, yes, go and talk …..uumm..maybe some other time. It is no secret that we all want to be individuals, self reliant, and happy in our own little bubble. But human beings were not meant to be this way. In fact, having a good social circle and relationships around us is one of the fail safe ways of achieving happiness. Everyone knows this intrinsically, but are just afraid of it. Why?

In any kind of a relationship, you take the ‘goods’, with the ‘bads’, however everyone wants to simply cut out the bad. In doing so, they leave out the ‘goods’ as well. That is why in almost any field of life one can note the benefit of relationships, be in business, education, losing weight, recreation and leisure, anything really.

When one is trying to change their limiting beliefs or actual positive ones, relationships can play a huge role too. When one talks to someone about how they feel about themselves, a good partner, friend or family member can help us remind our selves that no one is perfect or that failure is a part of the process or that you can eat less tomorrow, or that one lazy day of not hitting the gym doesn’t make you a bad person. All truths that we know, but when we hear it from someone we love dearly, it just makes more sense. In the same way, helping out our friends and family can remind us of the fallacies we tell ourselves all day.

Helping others actually means we can help ourselves. Isn’t that great! the more we give actually, the more we receive, sounds selfish, but great and true!