So Afraid and So Confused

Well, I am not going to give a solution as to what to do when you are confused and afraid. The idea of writing this blog was not to explain solutions to problem but to show how solutions usually reside within us already. It is we who cannot get out of our internal struggle and make things happen, even when we know the solutions already.

How you ask? well we may be confused about a future work plan or confused about simple things like what to eat or which university to join. All complex decisions and as frustrating as these moments are we do know we can get over these and make a decision. We cannot predict the right outcome, obviously, we can only try our best and we all know how to try our best. In the hopes of ‘being right every time’ even when it is clear we cannot be, we beat ourselves up and procrastinate into making the decision. We know how not to be confused, but until the internal struggle is there, we cannot do much.

Often, we may be afraid and anxious about an upcoming meeting, a event we are arranging or even something small like an approaching deadline. We know that there is only so much we can do, we know if we can get it done or not, or if its going to be difficult. All we can really do is try, yet for a lot of people, this fear and anxiety become paralyzing or even worse, take up their decision making criterion.

When we talk to ourselves about what is going on, when we negotiate with ourselves, when we comfort ourselves, we can go through these problems and let the solutions we already know work their magic. When our best self talks to ourselves, we can truly do anything.