“If the stage of life you are in right now is not glorious, you will be stuck in the current mess until you become willing to take off the veil, look honestly at your situation, and begin to make the changes that are required to make your present status more glorious!”

“You will be stuck in the current mess…” How’s that for a good morning and how do you do? So let’s all take a moment and assess our mess. How’s it going?

Let’s try that again … How’s it going?

Look at you not wanting to look in the mirror and define your reality. It’s okay, it’s scary. Most people don’t want to address short comings or ruffle feathers. Being honest is hard. What if you could tell one person in your life anything and not have it backfire on you or cause pain or sadness. Who came to mind? What words are yearning to come out?

What if you told the truth about your current financial situation? What if you told the truth about your health? What if you told the truth about the relationships in your life? What would happen?

Let’s be honest. Until you are willing to empty your hands of the false truths you’ve been feeding everyone (including yourself), you will never be able to receive new blessings.

“Me before me…”
I was brave, bold, uninhibited, faithful, loyal, organized, passionate, spiritual, calm, creative, consistent and motivated.

Now is when the most work needs to be done. All of the labels above still ring true, but in a much different way. I’m no longer able to write one simple adjective to blanket statement my abilities. A lot of these must be broken into subcategories and defined into detailed sub-specifics in order for me to truly be honest with myself.

So I revisit the history of the former me and define moments of … bravery and boldness, faithfulness and loyalty. I look for times I have been consistent, organized and motivated. I remember those times of creativity and calm and wish I could honor them now as much as I did then. The next phase of my life is in transition … learning to honor my spirituality and my passion for helping others.

My relationship with fear has been more like an endless hallway of doors that in order to overcome or prevail, I first had to get my hand on the knob and open up the door.

So what now … how do I do the work?

That’s a great question, and the simple answer is that I first have to know my purpose and goal. With out a destination, you can’t map out the plan. Next come two lists. These two lists will define everything about who you are and who you no longer want to be.

1. Everything I have that I no longer want.
2. Everything I want that I don’t have yet.

Your purpose and goal may become very defined after this exercise. These are also not “material things only” lists. These are lists about life, dreams and desires.

Then, after your lists are complete and you have a defined purpose on your heart, you go back through your lists and circle everything that aligns with your purpose. That’s your first priority. Everything else can be put to the side. Everything you circled is the who you were before the world told you who you should be.

Be well. Be Brave. Be Unlimited.