myCoinvest is coming to market with the first ever global decentralized savings platform. We strive to create an easy to use interface, which will allow people from around the world to save, interact and exchange goods.

We are elated to announce that we will be opening our ecosystem to the public with our Governance Bounty! In order for our ecosystem to run efficiently and smoothly we need participation from the crypto/blockchain community at large. myCoinvest aims to be a completely decentralized organization and we cannot achieve this without you! To bring this concept into reality we have joined forces with the stellar blockchain enabling the support of 180+ currencies to expand our footprint even larger. This integration with stellar is a major momentum builder for what we have to come. Currently our community is 10,000+ with over 7,000 iOS and Android testers and continuing to grow each and every day.

The purpose of this bounty is to create our very first voting quorum on the myCoinvest network. There will be an exclusive cap of 30 participants to pilot this program. The first 30 individual nodes will be whitelisted for governance module testing, and will help shape the initial establishment of the myCoinvest ecosystem. After the initial voting quorum is established, every node that meets the minimal 500 CVZT requirements will be allowed to participate in voting and ecosystem governance.

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Governance Node Packages:

500 CVZ Token = $500

Includes: Governance Tax (Fee Collection)

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Total Supply CVZT: 10,000,000

Tokens Available CVZT: 6,000,000

Governance Tax Qualification: 500 or more CVZ Tokens*

Check out our V2. whitepaper — Distributed Lending Consensus! ->


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