Vezcoin Bounty : To the Moon and Beyond!

Hello Vezters! The team at myCoinvest would like to introduce our Airdrop Rewards Program starting July 31st. This is a great way for users to earn free CVZ before the myCoinvest platform goes live.

We have set aside 100 million Vezcoin (CVZ) for our community; by owning CVZ, you possess the lifeblood of our ecosystem. With CVZ, you will be able to make purchases through our VezClub Exchange, exchange your tokens for other cryptocurrencies, fiat, and much more. Get your coins early while you still can!

To register for our airdrop, visit the myCoinvest airdrop console or click the small

icon at the bottom right hand corner of the myCoinvest homepage. Community members can complete simple tasks to earn points that can then be redeemed for Vezcoin.

Each point is equal to 1,000 Vezcoin.

The myCoinvest airdrop console also has a built in referral program that provides each user with their own unique referral link. Each referral is equal to 30 redeemable points, or 30,000 vezcoin.

This initiative is a great way to grow the myCoinvest network as well as your own personal network before our ecosystem goes live. Once the myCoinvest platform goes live, you will be able to monetize this network by helping to process transactions on our blockhain platform.

Once you have referred 20 or more users to the myCoinvest airdrop program, you will be eligible to become a VezPartner; an incentivized myCoinvest affiliate whose benefits include:

1. Super Node Holder with the Ability to facilitate and set transaction fees through the VezPartner Dashboard

2. No transaction fees

3. 25% Bonus on each bounty

To find out more,check out

Featured Bounty

Buy a Product on Amazon with Our Link:

We are offering a 20,000 CVZ reward to every user who purchases an amazon product with our link

To Participate:

Upload a link of your desired Amazon product here, and we will send you our Amazon referral link via email + free CVZ.

This will help us list thousands of Amazon products on our NEM powered Vezclub Marketplace.

To find out about more community opportunities and bounties, visit us at


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