Vezted by myCoinvest : Issue №3

Apr 4, 2018 · 4 min read

I. Technical Development

Alpha testing will continue on iOS for the ‘myCoinvest’ mobile application through the end of April. Additional Android device testing for all interested users will be open soon. We will begin Beta testing upon App Store release, targeted in May 2018.

If you are looking to become a tester please visit our website here and create an account.

Noted Bugs:

iOS — Users have reported issues with bank account integration, as well as stalling and error messages during goal-setting.The development team is currently reviewing these bugs and will provide an update prior to our next issue.

VezClub Exchange Site:

Our developers have started building out functionality for NEM blockchain integration between the VEZClub, and mobile application.

VezClub is an interactive global exchange where users will be able to safely and anonymously exchange currency such as vezcoin and other rewards points on the myCoinvest network.

Visit our website to check out the exchange!


Join the myCoinvest Airdrop here. Upon registering for the Airdrop, be sure to follow myCoinvest on all platforms listed toward the bottom of this page. Through engagement, registered users have the chance to 500 vezcoins every week.

II. Community Outreach

myCoinvest 101 — Community Webinar:

Please join us on April 10th at 8 PM ET for myCoinvest 101, an informative webinar designed to help you learn more about our solutions and our community. Be sure to bring your questions, and invite your friends. Participants will receive 10,000 CVZ for attending. Register here:

Utility in Community:

Users now have the ability to earn additional vezcoins and tokens through completing either short or long-term projects for the myCoinvest ecosystem. Through our Utility in Community initiative, myCoinvest will work to distribute even more vezcoins across the globe. Check out this video to learn more about Utility in Community.

If you are interested in joining the Utility in Community initiative, please visit our Community forum at

NEM Proposal:

Our team is continuing to draft for the NEM proposal and will be releasing the first complete draft to the community later this week. Recently, we’ve had meaningful discussions with legal and banking teams to ensure we are fully prepared for proposal submission.

Please continue to participate in discussions on the myCoinvest Telegram and in our community forums, because you have a stake in this, too!

Upcoming Events:

On Thursday, April 5th, myCoinvest Regional Relations Ambassador, Precious Price will attend Indiana University’s first Blockchain BlockParty. During this event, Precious will have the opportunity to engage in discussion surrounding the blockchain and cryptocurrency craze with students, program chairs, and even IU alumni. She, of course, will also be spreading the word about our myCoinvest community!

Kel Okekpe, Regional Ambassador (North America) will host a myCoinvest university outreach event on Tuesday, April 10th, 2018 at 11:00 AM on the campus of Georgia Southern. If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to Kel at

Atlanta NEM Meetup

myCoinvest’s second NEM Meetup will be taking place in 318 Cherokee Avenue SE, Atlanta, GA on April 14th 2018 at 1PM. The topic of this meetup is NEM use-case projects. We’ll discuss case studies like Luxtag, Bankera, BlockGrain, and Choice. Bring your questions and your friends! If you are interested in attending please register here.

Detroit NEM Meetup

Stay tuned for details regarding our first Detroit NEM Meetup.

Brand Ambassador Program:

Our Brand Ambassador applications are still open! As a myCoinvest Ambassador, you’ll represent myCoinvest and help to spread the word about our platform. Check out the following link to view the benefits of becoming a myCoinvest Brand Ambassador.

III. Team Expansions

myCoinvest welcomes Charles Colbert as a Community Ambassador. Charles holds a degree in Accounting from Georgia Southern and currently works with a logistics company. He will primarily advise the team from a fiscal standpoint and participate in outreach initiatives.

The team would also like to welcome Jamaal Johnson and Devodriq Roberts, from Georgia Southern, as new VezPartners — specializing in operational support.

The team is currently comprised of 17 individuals with a diverse skill set. Corey Patterson & Ahkeem (AJ) Taylor serve as founders of myCoinvest with extensive backgrounds in Information Systems. Since founding, both Corey and AJ have brought more technical talents on board to assist with the growth and development of myCoinvest. View an outline of our team here.

IV. Community Shoutouts!

Shout out to Kel Okekpe for his ongoing support in testing, reporting noted bugs, participating in utility task and projects, and being an overall great community ambassador.

You can follow all updates related to myCoinvest on the following platforms:

· Official site:

· Twitter:

· Instagram:

· Telegram:

· Facebook:


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