Unwearable watch painted in my hand on top of an art I did for Limber Vilorio named “Hombres Muffler”

The time of useless wearable technology

I ask myself how the smart phone and the smart watch will live together?. How they will complement each other?. I already have in my iPhone, the date and time, the weather, agenda, address book, the stock market and so on. So, what new values can the smart watch bring to the table?

These companies are developing smart watch just for trying to disrupt the bloody ocean of mobile device market? or just for to try to keep up their pride!? or maybe to achieve the goal of becoming the most valuable company in the stock market? These technology companies are really thinking about consumers?. Why the heck they think we will like to see beautiful and stunning images in such a small screen?

The battle of Apple versus Samsung and the rest of the gangs, has brought us to the threshold of a dispute of egos between giant mobile technology companies, forgetting one of the most valuable contributions that technology can bring to the consumer societies, which is that technology should enhance our lives trying to remove things rather than adding objects that practically do the same!

Of course, everyone is immersed in deafness caused by the insistent buzz of the state of the art technology!

Let’s continue this discussion after watching the behavior of the market after the release of the long awaited intriguing Apple smart watch.

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