Our Promise In 2016

With the New Year underway most of us are still in the thick of our resolutions. We’ve promised to live healthier, be more productive or more thoughtful with how we spend our time, and ultimately are committed to changing our lives for the better. This year we decided to make resolutions for Convoy around the idea of Community. We are approaching this goal with the same enthusiasm we have for our personal resolutions, and are excited to watch 2016 unfold!

In 2015, our team grew from an army of two, we moved our office out of our homes, expanded throughout the Bay Area, and launched in Sacramento. Though we are proud of these accomplishments, our focus is to continue to improve our concierge experience for both our tech specialists and our customers.

We will continue to work hard to push boundaries and ensure we are always going beyond what our clients and tech specialists expect from us. From creating more formal education opportunities for our clients to better support for tech specialists, we have some great plans in the works. As the year progresses we will share more detailed information on this.

Ultimately, our commitment to community growth speaks to our mission to help people connect and learn to manage their digital lives.