Introducing Coral Health Records: The easiest way to access & control your health records on Apple or Android

Our app helps you reclaim control over your healthcare data — finally.

We know you’ve been waiting for this! Coral Health uses the same secure approach as Apple Health to help you access your medical records, ensuring compatibility with over 500 eligible healthcare organizations from across the US, encompassing all of the major electronic medical record vendors, including Epic, Cerner and athenahealth.

Seamless setup: Our app creates a secure connection between your mobile device and each location that your medical records are stored. Just use your existing account login details.

Persistent connection: Login once. Our app will then alert you when you have new medical information like lab results or prescriptions to view.

Total control: All of your information is stored encrypted on your smartphone in a HIPAA-compliant manner. Only you hold the key to access or share your medical records.


First, ensure that your email address and corresponding cell phone account are registered with your respective app stores.

For iOS users

Unfortunately we have already filled our limited number of testing invites. We will post an update when we have more invites available.

For Android users

Contact with the subject Android App Download. Note we only have 20 more testing invites available at this time. Invites will be given on a first come first serve basis.

You will receive an email with download instructions within 24 hours.


1 —Find a care provider you’ve visited

Currently the three providers you see listed and the data you get when you connect to them are for demo purposes only. These organizations have not partnered with Coral Health yet, but we have already begun partnership outreach to the same 500 eligible healthcare organizations that have connected with Apple Health. To connect the demo to Boston Children’s, University of Washington, or Mayo Clinic enter user id “33c208e1-fe69–48ee-9443–355cd451d4b5” and any password you want.

2—Login to connect the app to your provider

Our app lets you use your existing account credentials to connect to your provider.
All supported records from that provider will be imported.

3— Repeat steps 1 and 2 for your other providers

Congratulations, you’ve connected all of your medical records to the app! Every new record your providers create will now be instantly available to you.

Now that you’re in control of your medical information, you can start using the app to manage your health. The first screen of the app provides an overview of your medical information. You can either click on a type of record or use the search bar to find a particular record.

Information is ordered chronologically. In addition to the search bar, there is also a filter option to view records from particular locations or from particular dates.


Visited a provider that isn’t on our list? No problem!

We make it simple to add records, so even if some of your providers haven’t partnered with us yet, you can still manage all of your medical records in one place. Just choose “add record” and then select the record type. The app currently supports allergies, conditions, immunizations, lab results, medications, procedures, and vital signs.

When you start typing in the record name, autofill options will appear so you can quickly find the name of the record you’d like to add.


By encrypting all information both in transit and at rest, our system is fully HIPAA, HITRUST and GDPR-compliant.

Coral Health Records connects to your providers’ electronic health record systems using the SMART* on FHIR** standards, which creates a secure connection between your mobile device and each place you’ve received care. By default, your records and the decryption key needed to access them are only stored on your smartphone.

  • *SMART is a standardized protocol that enables external applications to securely interact with data housed within EHRs.
  • ** FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) is the emerging standard for describing data formats and APIs used for exchanging electronic health records.


Using blockchain and distributed ledger technology, Coral Health Records will make it simple and secure to share access to your records with healthcare providers, family members, or caregivers. Share or revoke access with a single click!

Blockchain and distributed ledger technology are key components of our data sharing solution because it’s critical that your data be persistent, accessible, and immutable. You want everyone you’ve shared your data with to be in agreement about which of your medical events occurred first and not have missing or duplicative information. These are all properties that distributed ledgers are particularly good at and which provide dramatic improvements to the healthcare systems in place today.

Permanent accessibility: Decentralized storage ensures that your medical records continue to be accessible and removes reliance on a particular entity (e.g., a large hospital) to either continue hosting that data for you or continue making that data accessible to you. This is critical in healthcare where even short delays can be the difference between life and death.

Shared access: Everyone you share access with is able to read and write to the same database. This ensures your healthcare providers are able to appropriately coordinate your care and eliminates the need to repeat the same tests and conversations whenever you see a new provider.

Trusted data: Hash referents to the encrypted copies of your data can be stored across a wide number of computers, making it nearly impossible to change any aspect of your data because it would require somehow changing the majority of those copies simultaneously. This means entities that you share your data with can be confident that it’s accurate, providing a new level of trust.

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About Coral Health (@Coral Health)

Coral Health is a technology company that is building a more connected future in healthcare. We develop blockchain-powered solutions that accelerate care delivery, automate multiparty administrative processes, and improve health outcomes by enabling secure, real-time, shared access to validated healthcare information. We’re driving adoption of our system from the ground up with targeted enterprise applications that provide immediate operational benefits to healthcare providers, labs, payers, and pharmaceutical companies. As more entities join our ecosystem, individualized benefits scale to powerful network effects through incentivized data exchange.