My Crazy Life’s First Post…

Hi there. I’m a Wife, Mom, Step Mom, Friend, Career Woman, Pet Owner, Home Maker, Small Business Owner. It has been suggested to me that writing through my frustrations will help me become a more positive person by my therapist; my friends just think it would be hilarious to put it out there for anyone to read. So here I am, not particularly gifted at writing, blogging, or anything really computer related, but here I sit.
I know my problems are mostly of the First World kind. I have a nice home, four healthy kids, enough money to buy good healthy food and a fair amount of cookies and crap from the grocery store. SO why the Blog? Mostly from being a Second Wife and Step Mother. The financial situation created by hubby’s ex has reached a breaking point. She won’t work, we don’t have enough income to support all of us without serious cut backs. BM (Birth Mother) is difficult, passive aggressive when she communicates at all, and in my opinion, a lousy mother. I’m gonna come out and say what I shouldn’t: SHE IS A BITCH. I do not like her in any way. My therapist asked if there was anything about her I liked, even the tiniest little thing, and there was…nothing. Nada, zip, zilch, zero.
Let me tell you about BM. She has a college degree from a very competitive college. She is smart with a capital S. She never worked though, because hubby had a great job and busted his ass, and she was able to stay home with their two kids as babies and toddlers. When they were older enough for school, she decided she liked sitting home and doing laundry and cooking crap meals (soup for dinner? Pasta and sauce but no meat? Sorry, that’s not dinner. Call me judgey. I judge). Hubby was earning enough for them to live well without another income, so there was no….urgency. She was satisfied doing nothing. He was satisfied providing for his family. Until….who knows. I don’t know what happened to their marriage, only the two of them know exactly. But it fell apart. They divorced. It was ugly. The state in which they divorced favors mothers heavily, and the support agreement is…ridiculous, in my opinion. When we got married and had another baby, things got tight. Real tight. We cut way back on our spending and still weren’t making ends meet. I started an at home business on top of my full time career to help out. And now I am frustrated, resentful. and angry, and this blog is supposed to help me get the venom out without snapping at my hubby, kids, co-workers, and the cashier at Target. We’ll see…I’d love to see feedback and comments as I go. Thanks.

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