The Drop Off

Ugh. As usual, the BM either gets out of her car at exchanges with the kids looking annoyed or simply stays in her car and has ZERO interaction with either of us. I think that models terrible behavior. Parents who put their childrens’ interests first are the best. Parents who are selfish suck. Last night was no exception.

She gets out of the car, eyes rolling, and made no attempt to talk or even make eye contact with the other adults. She helped her kids move things into her car (but did not approach ours), interacted a bit with my almost 2 year old, then took off.

Let me paint the scene a bit better….we do this exchange at a large rest stop with several eateries, so we get there early and eat a late afternoon meal with the kids. She usually either comes in or at least texts when she arrives to see when we will be done. Hand off time came and went, hubby assumed she was out there, so he texted “We are coming out in a minute” and yes, there she was, sitting in her car, not even letting us know she had arrived. So entitled! “Bring them to me” is the message that sends! ARGH! I am frustrated and wish I had said something….I don’t know…..snarky? Bitchy? Rude? HONEST?!