Do you send funds that then get drained immediately? You likely have a sweeper on your hands. We can help.

When your secrets get compromised, bad actors will often put a sweeper on your account to take advantage of anything that happens to the address in the future — either you deposit ETH to try and save some tokens, an airdrop happens, or something else.

This article outlines how users get swept in the first place and three unique methods for rescuing any un-swept funds (like staked funds).

To read the full blog, visit “How to Beat an Ethereum Sweeper Script and Recover Your Assets.”



We’ve launched a self-hosted blog at

We’ve been using Medium as a communication platform since day 1 of our launch and it has provided a valuable service. However, we believe that every project should strive to eventually move away from that platform when able to.


Because a part of the goal of this entire cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is to get control back into our own hands, and that control includes the channels that we communicate through.

To read the full blog, visit “Moving Away From Medium.”




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