Asian Football And mycujoo TV

A special relationship

mycujoo TV and the Asian football world, represented by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), continue to cultivate their relationship: after Bhutan TV, it’s time for Oman TV. The excitement is tangible, the emotions are quite overwhelming. It is part of a project that involves dozens of clubs and hundreds of players, a historical shift that mirrors a wider expansion of football and the passion for the game in the Asian continent. and the AFC coming together

A new, old story

Truth be told, football and Asia have known each other for quite a long time. Cujo, the ball game that historians and FIFA have identified as the possible great-great-grandfather of modern football, was born in China around the 3rd–2nd century BC. As a matter of fact, when our founders humbly borrowed “cujo” to brand our company, one of the reasons behind choosing this ancient name was precisely the belief that what football needs in this particular moment is to reconnect with its own roots, its origins. Plus, for those of us young Europeans who grew up in the early 90s, it is impossible not to remember the crowds that welcomed our favorite teams during the celebrations for the Intercontinental Cup, which became the Toyota Cup in 1980 and was held in Japan from 1980 to 2004. We are talking about the legend of football.

This said, in these last few years, it seems fair to claim the Asian continent is indeed going through a moment of transformation when it comes to the most popular sport on the planet. On one hand, Asian federations and clubs are growing. The Asian Cup 2015 was a major success and Asian teams have begun to attract international stars. On the other hand, Asian investors have become more and more visible on the international football arena, and Asian fans are increasingly interested in the sport. Just to give an example, AC Milan and Inter Milan were recently acquired by Chinese investors, and an increasing number of pre-season games played by big European teams are hosted by Asian countries. The conclusion seems obvious: the Asian football world is running towards the future.

mycujoo pride

mycujoo is proud to be part of this project: 1) because we believe the future of this wonderful sport has never been brighter; 2) because we think Asian football and Asian football lovers have a lot to offer to all those who appreciate talent and are looking for something new and exciting; 3) because we are convinced that our technology can function as a channel towards growth, visibility and empowerment for the many young players from all over the Asian continent who deserve a chance to be seen; 4) because in our minds football needs to be accessible and global, it needs to be boundless and borderless, and a streaming technology that matches the enthusiasm we have encountered in our Asian journeys seems to be a perfect path towards a better football experience; 5) well.. because we love our cujo!

This is just the beginning.

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