Hope and placelessness

The power of football

One of the most exciting aspect of mycujoo.tv is the possibility of opening channels around the world. There is no limit, no barrier and certainly no structural censorship: as long as the Internet connection is strong enough, and you have either a smartphone or a camera, you can stream your content and bring your team to the center of the global stage: with no middleman, the protagonist is simply football. The impact of this broadcasting revolution cannot be underestimated, especially if we consider the power football has to bring hope and joy, conquering the most unexpected spaces and places.

The simplicity of football

Simply Football

Football is hope, and hope is unstoppable

Football can be a source of entertainment, it can be as exciting as an adrenaline rush, and it can certainly become an attractive alternative for a night out with friends and lovers. Sometimes, however, football is much more. It is a sport that doesn’t require fancy equipment or money — think about it, isn’t this a wonderful paradox? In fact, even if the football-business has been shaped by billions and ruined by corruption and scandals, football itself is simply a group of people hearing their heart racing, sweat rolling down their forehead. In many countries around the globe, people have no money, have no water, but own their own football, which is hope and joy, nothing more, nothing less.

Virtual or Not

No place is the wrong place for passion

Football is a game you can play in the streets or in a courtyard. You can have fun with it on a grassy field just like you can enjoy it on a cement pitch. Sometimes, you don’t even need a ball. I’ve seen kids kicking small rocks, pieces of wood… you name it! Sky is the limit when it comes to football and its geography. Football is known and played in Africa and America, in Europe, Asia and Oceania, and I am pretty sure they know it at the Arctic and Antarctic as well, it’s just too cold to play out there.

No matter where you are, football is you

Football is fun to play, football is fun to watch… when you can watch it. The problem is that while the sport is ubiquitous mainstream media aren’t: these channels live where money flourish, football lives where passion grows. Do you see something wrong with this picture? The mycujoo.tv team certainly did and decided to do something about it. Players living in developing countries can now broadcast their talent all over the world, and we can all enjoy great skills and goals, no matter their origin. Building a huge intercultural bridge between passion and talent, mycujoo breaks the rules of the game and create a new online dimension where football finds itself again: a virtual world that makes the “real” world better. In the end, virtual or not, football is always real, as long as you have the will to run and the possibility to watch and feel it.