Mobile Streaming Revolution

Football is (really) You

Stream matches directly from your phone! is a place where people can stream their own football contents, without paying a single euro for subscriptions of any kind. It is a revolutionary platform that allows fans to follow and watch the football matches of the teams they love for free, while interacting with other football lovers from all over the world.

mycujoo is a way out of the mainstream media monopoly, a new form of football broadcasting that carries the game out of the swamp of money and power, back to where it rightfully belongs: among the fans and those who really care about the sport.

The technology involved in our streaming revolution is continuously growing, just like the number of features we are able to offer to both football content rights holders and fans. Anyone can now enjoy highlights and replays while the match is still live, becoming the real director of the event; the clubs can ask for the direct support of their fans, turning mycujoo into a crowdfunding platform; and now the teams can broadcast their football matches directly from their smartphone.

Broadcast an Event from your Phone

When we interact with teams that are looking for visibility but have no resources to access mainstream media, truly the vast majority of what the football universe actually is, we often find ourselves facing the discouragement brought by the costs of heavy, expensive equipment: camera, cables, monitors, etc. This is quite an insurmountable obstacle for small and medium clubs, which are full of talent and passion, but remain far away from big money and big sponsors. As a team, we knew we needed to do something about it: this is a pure injustice that keeps people from enjoying their local teams, a crime that keeps players from earning the visibility their talent deserves.

A famous Beatles song says “all you need is love”, with mycujoo all you need is passion… and a smartphone with a good HD camera and a 4G or a WiFi connection.

This is all you will ever need to start broadcasting a football/futsal/beach soccer event on our platform. Because of the quality guaranteed by today’s phone, those with image stabilization, auto focus and a camera resolution of at least 5 MP, the matches broadcasted via smartphones have never looked better. And if you have a laptop or a tablet at your disposal, you can also add web-based football-specific graphics to your match, such as lineups, scoreboard and match info, create highlights and set a timer.

Once again, mycujoo embraces its core belief: football is you, you own it and there should be no barrier that keeps you from either enjoying the sport or broadcasting to the world the talent expressed by your team.

Besides, isn’t it fun to be able to reach every corner of the globe simply by using your mobile?

Join our mobile streaming revolution, and remember rule number one: have fun, football is you!