The Psychology of Passion

How football conquers our hearts

Football, fans… when visibility matters

Football and passion live under the same roof, every football fans knows that. How else would you explain the fact that millions of people all over the world go crazy every time they see a ball rolling down a field? Truth be told, while the passion for the beautiful game has indeed conquered men, women and children in every corner of our planet, we should also consider the fact that WE football lovers have a special room in our heart for the team that really makes our blood burning with emotions. But how do we get to love a particular football team, and what does can do about it?

Just like it happens when we meet the love of our life, there are many ways to encounter the team of our life.

Some of us fall madly in love with the team our dad supports: we grew up seeing him cheering every time Van Basten scores and suddenly we find ourselves counting the minutes that divide us from the next AC Milan game. Maybe we lived in Genoa, not far from the stadium Marassi, and our friends brought us to see a match of the local team, Sampdoria. The afternoon was amazing and now every time we watch a Sampdoria match we fell happy and filled with excitement. Others move to a new town and start following the results of the team of the city until they are driven to watch a match as a ritual to finally become a real local citizen. Once again, there are many ways to fall in love with football, but there is something, a special component that seems inevitable, a condicio sine qua non, like the Latins used to say: you need to be aware of a team and watch at least a match before you can develop any sort of interest toward that specific team. Thinking about it, it seems quite natural, you need to know and interact with something in order to fall in love with it.

You love what you can see

What if the most-loved teams were only the most-watched ones, not the best? What if the number of fans was directly proportional to the degree of visibility?

Here is where comes in. We strongly believe football has a lot to offer, no matter the place and the league: the football is always round, wouldn’t you agree? Allowing small clubs to earn visibility means giving someone a chance to fall in love with those clubs and discover a world of emotions and great goals. Big teams have a huge amount of fans because they are the most visible, and money comes from visibility, etc. a virtuous cycle that can’t be initiated without the possibility to be seen and watched. Hundreds of local teams are hidden under the shadow of mainstream media, which don’t have the time or the will to shine a light on them. Thousands of local fans are losing the chance to appreciate good football and great players. That’s how something small like having your own online TV channel for free can change the very nature of football: one look at a time, one new love at a time.

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