To All Those Who “Do Not Make It”

The Soul Of A Sport

The Evonik RUHR-Cup International 2016 live and free on

This week has been a special one for our platform. The Swiss Promotion League has finally begun and we are more than honored to be able to broadcast all the matches for free: a huge step forward for our efforts towards football democratization, a dream made of equality, fairness and visibility. At the same time, we also welcomed the Evonik RUHR-Cup International 2016, a wonderful tournament that brings together the U-19 teams of some of the most important clubs in the world: Real Madrid and Manchester City, Liverpool and Benfica, Borussia Dortmund and Monaco, Schalke 04 and Bayer Leverkusen, among others. All this football goodness is enough to make the fans’ heads spin, but it also pushes us to think about the soul of football: what are the foundations of our beloved sport?

Fragments of Football Poetry

Great players are great to watch: great entertainment, great skills, great goals and assist, great fun, great! And what about great teams? I bet you guessed it: great entertainment, great skills… you got it. This said, behind this linguistic avalanche of superlatives there is a mountain that stands still: you can call it Mount Football. On the first step of the staircase that brings you to the top of Mount Football there is an inscription: great players are great fun, but it is the entire team that runs. You keep climbing, avoding the avalanche, you arrive at step number ten, there is something else written: great teams can win without fatigue, but you need way more to make a league. You write it down and finally you reach the top. There, you find yourself in front of the ultimate football truth: football is more than just a ball, it is for those who give it all; it is beyond fortune and fame, “make it” or not it is still the same.

Sometimes You Just Cannot Deny It

Mount Football, the Evonik RUHR-Cup International 2016 and the Swiss Promotion League all points at one basic question: what happens to those who do not make it, the players who are not rich and famous? The U-19 teams of those big clubs are full of talent and young passion, and yet only a handful of those players will reach the major European leagues, and only a few of them will become stars. Similarly, the majority of the guys who play in the Swiss Promotion League will never be as famous as Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi. Does this matter? Is this what football is about? We don’t think so, because we climbed Mount Football and we are 100% certain that the sport is build on the backbone of all those who “do not make it”. We love great players, but we love the sport more. We love great teams, but we love passion more.

To all those who “do not make it”, all the guys who play for a U-19 team, those who kick a ball in their backyards, men and women who play for fun, players who fight in small leagues: thank you for every breath you spend running towards a ball. Football is you… it is really YOU!

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