I love this piece by David Brooks — the reason — it talks about the most important thing we need to conquer if we are to prosper- FEAR.

In psychology, we learn, that FEAR is the opposite of LOVE, and it drives all poor behaviours.

The opposite of love is not hate. It is fear, understanding this fact helps us address it and build a world we could be a lot happier to leave to our children or the next generation of people who inhabit it.

Why I also love David Brook’s writing is because of the way he explores myths and stereotypes and exposes them.

We have always seen the historical character, Moses, for example, as being the hero of the exodus and leading the Israelites out of bondage and slavery.

This may be something of a myth in reality.

We realise, through Brooke’s work that it wasn’t actually the men who decided to rise up and break their shackles, it was the women and the charm and wine they served them in the fields of Egypt that actually caused them to do so!

In essence, the key themes David Brookes explores are the ones related to truth, reality and the space that lies between them.

These themes matter. Understanding them helps us gain a better appreciation for truth, and in the process, imbibe and make it, a deeper part of our lives.

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