Vile, spiteful article. Such nastiness is disturbing, uncalled for and absurd
Paddy Young

Are you talking about trump? At least she didn’t call her an illegal alien hooker, which I would have because that’s exactly how I see her.

She *is* costing us millions. She did swat his hand away. And she’s never denied marrying him for his money. He is a pig.

Please, tell us, what exactly was mean or vile about this article? Other than you’re a trump supporter and you take any criticism of that bully who makes false accusations, calls people names, lies for a living, cons people, and mocks the weak and disabled personally. Speaking of which, wasn’t Melonoma supposed to have an anti bullying platform? That’s a joke. She recently defended his bullying Tweets. I find her disgusting. Best she just stand there. Other than a foreigner eating our tax dollars shopping and getting botoxed, exactly what is she good for? We don’t need some trophy flotus.

Enlightened us.

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