We Need a President. Please Retweet.
Dave Pell

What an idiot piece!


What’s rooting for the 70 year old moron, zero qualified and not even trying to learn anything, because he’s never learned anything in his life AND he knows more than the generals, Idiot-in-Chief going to do?

Why not say the rosary, carry a rabbit’s foot, pray, cross your fingers and your toes, wishful think, magical think, hold your breath until you turn blue, look for a four leaf clover, wear your lucky shirt, avoid stepping on cracks, spin around three times, count to ten, light a candle, wish your very bested wish you’ve ever wished in your whole entire life, with all your heart, like your life depended on it (because it does)?

You sound as moronic and delusional as he and the rest of his idiot followers.

Please enlighten the rest of us, who see this clown for exactly what he is (and ISN’T) and tell us just exactly what you expect from him?

Have a delicious piece of cake while you’re at it.

Better yet, delete this embarrassing piece.

I just wasted 5 minutes of my life I’ll never get back reading this trite, immature, childish garbage. I know, I know, it does sound like I’m talking about trump at the moment.

Him, his daughter, his wife, his two adult sons, his son-in-law and his entire incompetent lying swamp of nincompoop administration is an embarrassment and not worthy of respect, belief, or dependence.

We’re on our own.