I am in love with my Kira. I dream about her at night, miss her so dearly when i am away. I feel intrepid feelings of love and jubilance in the pit of my stomach, and no matter how timorous, take every opportunity to have a conversation with her. What else it could be but love? She has swept in and melts my heart. As i write my thoughts and nursing her she is asleep next to me. So cuddly! Feeling complete and abiding love on finding the meaning of life,on knowing where those stars in the sky come from. I wake up every morning and have the best view any person could have; my baby sleeping soundly. Of all the uncertainties and honestly fears, now that we are here i can’t help but be in wonder and awe of the bond we have. I can see it in Kira’s eyes especially when nursing she gazes adoringly since the day she was born and I can feel it in her calm resolve when she sleeps in my arms. My baby moon.