Last Chance! Allocation and Points

Ambassadors are presented with plenty of ways to earn reward points from the $LCT reward pool. As its already known to you, 2% (2.000.000 LCT) of the tokenomics had been allocated for our Ambassador Program, equalling $200,000 at the IDO price. The total prize money is 100.000 points, which later are going to be converted into the $LCT token at the exchange rate of 1 point = 20 $LCT tokens.


Will take place after the TGE (circa mid-March).


Once the Ambassador Program ends (early May). 10% of the tokens you’ve managed to gain will be unlocked after the TGE, the other part will be vested for 9 months. This means you can claim 10% of your tokens on a monthly basis over the span of 9 months.

I will express my personal opinion regarding all of the above. First of all, with my calculations (I hope they are correct) — the initial capitalization will be about $600 thousand, which is not much at all in order to make a good growth. Secondly, it is important to understand that this is the only project of its kind and it probably makes sense to leave the project tokens for the long term, since the project can develop, receive large grants from top1 funds and grow significantly against this background. That is why I used a car as the intro for this post — we can all get a car in this project if we show enough patience not to sell tokens and good performance to earn them first)

The best thing you can do now if you are not already participating in the program is to go to the Discord of the project — and continue to be active and complete tasks from the fast-mission branch.

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