Blockchain, AI and Digital Marketing

No matter which businesses you interact with, and no matter how you interact with them, chances are they gain valuable information about you without you even knowing. Contact information, shopping habits, and consumer marketing data is often sold and shared with other companies around the world.

With your information being shared so freely between companies for targeted marketing purposes, how can you gain control of who has your information? At Dayta, we help consumers take back control of their information while getting rewarded.

We believe in providing a win-win advertising experience with partner businesses and users. In order to provide a consistent, enjoyable experience for everyone involved, new technologies are often needed.

Here’s how blockchain and artificial intelligence are changing the face of digital marketing.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Simply put, blockchain is a peer to peer network of information that is distributed and maintained on a global scale rather than in one central source. Often used for digital currency, blockchain is making its way into countless digital platforms and services, including digital marketing.

Today, digital ads are often dictated by gathering your personal information when you visit websites, and major advertisement companies (such as Google and Facebook), have complete control over the advertisements that you see. They also have control over who can access your information.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) on the other hand, is any task completed by a machine or program that would otherwise be completed by a human. While this is a rather broad and general definition, it’s important to understand the wide range of tasks that artificial intelligence can complete, as well as where the future of AI is headed.

How Blockchain and AI Influence Digital Marketing

Both blockchain and AI can be used to not only improve the digital advertisement experience for users, but also improve the advertisement experience and revenue of businesses. Blockchain technology can be used to establish verified and trusted businesses and advertisements. By using a public record that is encrypted and secured, businesses won’t be able to manipulate public data. This technology can be used to keep your information private, create an open document of trusted businesses and advertisement firms, and even reward users for interacting with advertisements. Much like mining for digital currencies, users could interact with advertisements in order to add them to the public record, earning rewards along the way.

Artificial intelligence can also be used to create better digital advertising experiences for everyone involved. Rather than the automated collection of your personal data for targeted advertising and resale to other companies, businesses and advertising firms can use AI to automate the entire process.

AI can identify target audiences and even create tailored advertisements based on user demographics. AI can let businesses quickly and efficiently scale their advertisements while using consumer information responsibly.

The Power of Dayta

At Dayta, we believe that everyone should have control over their information online. By using Dayta, you have complete control over which companies can access and use your information, and will be rewarded for allowing businesses to access that data.

Trust is extremely important when it comes to handling and accessing your information. Paired with Dayta, we believe that blockchain and AI technology will quickly change the digital advertising landscape, creating a personalized, safer experience for consumers online.