Would You Like To Own A Piece Of The Future Of Fantasy Sports?

The future of fantasy sports lives on the blockchain, and it’s a future that we at MyDFS are making into a reality.

The current fantasy industry generally operates in a non-transparent manner. The end result is that fan play experience suffers. Who wants to win their league only to have to wait two weeks for a check to arrive in the mail?

The same technology that powers cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can be used to bring fantasy into the 21st century. We’re talking about a blockchain-enabled daily fantasy sports platform built on open data and no middle man payments to connect fantasy sports fans around the world. This is exactly what we’re building at MyDFS, and you can own a piece of it.

We are holding an initial coin offering, selling a total of 50 million tokens in two stages, to raise money to complete the project. Our pre-sale is coming soon, so you can visit our site or download our investor app, buy tokens, and get whitelisted to take the first version of MyDFS for a test drive.

Buying these tokens at earlystage gets you in on the ground floor. MyDFS tokens hold real-world value and can be used to pay entry fees for games on the platform or buy extra features.

The fantasy sports community has too much to gain from cryptcurrency technology. Due to the decentralized nature of how the blockchain operates, MyDFS will tabulate league standings in an open manner, pay winners quickly, and work around the world.

We will launch MyDFS in time for you to monetize your knowledge of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which is being played throughout Russia in June this year. We will also support soccer, footbal, hockey and basketball from launch, and our technology is robust enough to let us easily integrate other popular sports data down the road. We can continue to add new play experiences well into the future.

We look forward to making MyDFS the common-sense choice for someone seeking a high-quality daily fantasy sports experience that works no matter where you are in the world. But we can’t get there without your help.

That’s why we want you to learn more about our project on our site, check out our whitepaper, and think about if you’d like to invest in a project that stands to reshape a $7.2 billion market.

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