Better position to poke in the straw

Mum : “Honey, stop sucking air in the bottle”

Kid : “But, mum… there are still some leftover in there, I wanna drink it.”

Probiotic dairy product taste great and everyone loves it, especially kids.

However, kids sometime suck in a lot of air in the almost empty bottle while attempting to enjoy every single drop of the dairy product. Small kid may not be able to coordinate the straw (using their mouth) vs the hand holding the bottle efficiently.

The next time you give your kid a bottle of such product, do tell them to poke the straw at the edge of the bottle as shown instead of at the center of the top aluminium cover. Some may argue that poke at the center is easier. Actually, it is not as difficult as you think to poke at the edge, especially for aluminium top cover.

By doing so, you can then tell the kid to just lean the straw to the inner wall of the bottle and get every single drop of the dairy product out of the bottle easily. Just lean the straw to the inner wall of the bottle.

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Originally published at on May 5, 2017.