Why Body Awareness Needs To Be On Your Wellness Radar

Are you hyper body aware? Do you notice every little ache and pain in your body and are constantly trying to connect the dots to find answers as to whats going on in your body? Or are you hypo body aware? Do you try your damnedest to shut out whatever is going on with your body and disregard anything below the neck as accompanying baggage?

When you feel like your body isn’t working right, have a long list of health issues and an all round sense of dis-ease within your body — it is easy to fall into one of the two camps.

Hyper Body Awareness

For a very long time I was both feet in, 100% committed, swimming in the deep end of the hyper body awareness camp. I could rattle off in minute details exactly what had been going on in my body over the past months or even years. I constantly sought out patterns in how different symptoms and illness linked to each other, playing a never ending game where I was Sherlock Holmes and my body was the evil villain, always trying to outsmart me.

As soon as I felt pain or discomfort in my body my focus was 100% there. I was hyper aware. Where was the exact area the feeling was coming from? What had I done or thought just prior to the onset of this discomfort? How does it relate to this, that , or the other body issue I had at that moment?

I had become so hyper-vigilant because I was always trying to stay one step ahead of my body, which I had decided long ago was faulty and only caused me suffering. After many years of constantly being on alert I was exhausted. I realised this intense inquiry into my body’s every move was not bringing me any closer to health or wellness. It was completely overwhelming. I couldn’t take it any more, and slowly started backing away from my obsessive body watching.

I kept moving further and further away from my body, until I found myself deeply intrenched in the camp of hypo body awareness. As far as I was now concerned, my body has, is and would always be broken. I figured that if I was in serious medical danger, like having a brain aneurysm, it would be quite obvious that something was dreadfully wrong and I would get to a hospital. Any feeling or symptom that was not of this acute life threatening nature was to be ignored.

Hypo Body Awareness

My last year of university life paved the way for this new hypo body awareness. I had developed multiple food intolerances. Not just the standard gluten/dairy/sugar but everything in between and including the usual substitutes. As a poor student there was barely enough money to cover the bills, let alone buy food that wasn’t going to throw my body into intense pain and weeks long recovery. Between graduate recruitment events, my part time job and writing essays I had no time to be sick — so often made the choice to eat nothing and starve, rather than eat something and be ill. I started putting myself to bed early and trained myself to fall asleep so I wouldn’t have to deal with the hunger.

Anything I could find to distract and disconnect me from my body was devoured. I spent hours watching reality tv or mindlessly scrolling social media to focus on anything but the pain and discomfort I felt. Eventually my awareness was so far removed from my body that I was basically in my mind 24/7. I began to feel as though my consciousness was only a mind, with a body sort of attached (and not a very good one at that).

By 2012 I had mastered the art of disconnecting myself from my body.

As I have written about before, our bodies communicate with us to let us know when we have fallen out of alignment with wellness. A headache, backpain or fatigue is a message from our body that something isn’t right. If we take the time to notice what our body is trying to tell us, and figure out the underlying factor that had bumped us out of alignment, we are able to address the issue, our body will stop the communication and we can get back to wellness. But if we are too busy, disconnected or hypo aware of our body then we don’t interpret the communication and get stuck in a place of dis-ease and suffering.

By the time Valentines Day in 2012 rolled around, my body had been trying to communicate to me with no response for years. In order to get my attention, it did something drastic. It completely cut me off. I could not move or speak. For a few terrifying minutes I was a prisoner in my body, and ended up spending the next two months on the couch trying to recover. My doctors referred to this as a mental breakdown, I like to call it a divine storm.

Even though this breakdown was the scariest thing I have ever been through, it was also the turning point in my life. It forced me to finally reconnect with my body in a healthy way. Not being hyper or hypo aware but a happy medium between the two — a natural awareness where I could receive the communications from my body and find the path back to wellness straight away, instead of suppressing the pain and compounding my suffering and unhappiness. I have now reached a place of ease, peace and true wellness within myself thanks to reconnecting with my body.

Free Body Awareness Mediation

I’ve created a short 5 minute meditation which I used to help reconnect to my body after having it completely shut down on me. You can listen to this while on the bus, on the couch or before you go to bed. Use this mediation to help cultivate an awareness of your entire body, and start connecting to the inner wisdom within. Click here to get your free meditation.

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Love and natural awareness,