What’s It Like to Live a Sugar Baby Lifestyle in 2018

What’s It Like to Live a Sugar Baby Lifestyle in 2018

First things first! While there are similarities between sugar babies, each of us defines her sugar baby lifestyle based on her personal experience, needs and expectations.

Traditionally, a sugar arrangement is a relationship between an older, wealthy man and a young, attractive woman. It’s a consensual situation where you build a relationship that satisfies both partners’ needs: the sugar daddy gets companionship and the sugar baby is pampered and looked after in a variety of ways.

Friends with benefits on sugar baby lifestyle

Many sugar babies are college students looking for a way to lead a comfortable lifestyle while graduating without debt. Sugar dating offers you access to a network of successful people you’d never be able to meet otherwise. Some of my daddies have not only been my dates, but also my mentors and it’s thanks to them that I developed entrepreneurial and management skills. Just being exposed to his circle of friends and business discussions I became a better negotiator and improved my emotional intelligence.

See the world

It surely depends greatly on the kind of sugar arrangement you have, but it’s not unusual for a sugar daddy to ask his baby to accompany him on either leisure or business trips. If that’s the kind of sugar baby lifestyle you’re into, then make sure to communicate openly with your daddy from the beginning. Some sugar daddies enjoy being able to make one of your dreams come true as visiting Argentina was for me.

Balance sugar dating with a regular schedule

Look at sugar dating as a relationship where you’re a part-time girlfriend. I admit: it can get quite hectic between sugar dating, college, work, extracurricular activities, hobbies and social life. The sugar dating lifestyle taught me to set priorities. Not only that but I also became savvy, selective and mindful about the way I invest my time.

Dealing with the stigma

Oftentimes, people associate sugar dating with prostitution or being an escort. At the beginning I hesitated in sharing the truth of my sugar lifestyle with my family and friends. Some of them were a tad judgmental to say the least. Sugar dating, though transactional in nature, has little to do with prostitution in the way that you’re not paid for sex. You receive gifts and an allowance for being yourself and bringing value to your daddy’s life. It’s up to you if you want to disclose or not how you’re leading your life.

Always looking top-notch

In my experience, daddies like planning ahead. As busy businessmen, they expect you to design your life around their schedule. That being said, not a few times my sugar daddy surprised me with an impromptu date. Tied up as he was, he felt the need for a break in the middle of the afternoon. That’s why it’s elementary to always look your best and be prepared for surprises.

And then there is the age gap

Truth be told, the first few dates with older, richer, more experienced men were intimidating. The stares in the restaurants, the judgmental smiles at parties, I would notice them all and they did affect me, at first. Little by little, as I became more aware of my own value and what I was bringing to the table in our relationship, I also became more tenacious and determined. A sugar arrangement is not a cold transactional relationship. It’s based on real emotions and respect, if you’re smart and selective. After a while, as I was connecting more on an intellectual and emotional level with my sugar daddies, the age gap became unimportant.

Creating healthy boundaries

When starting as a sugar baby, you might feel that sex is compulsory. It isn’t. You decide whether that’s part of what you’re offering or not, based on how you feel about your daddy. And if you’re getting pressured, then leave. It’s not a healthy sugar arrangement.

When leading a sugar baby lifestyle, being in a committed relationship or even dating outside of the sugar world might be difficult. Your sugar daddy might have a say in this matter, too. Clearly negotiate the terms of your sugar agreement right from the start. It’s easier this way.

Remember, this is your life and you get to choose how you create it!

Note: This article was first published on Dreamlife101 blog.