Dji Inspire 1 Accessories You Should Have


As you know, DJI INSPIRE 1 is one of the best camera drones in market at moment. However for people who have this drone today we will discover together the best accessories you should have for your inspire 1.

Genuine DJI Inspire 1 Part 61 — ND8 Filter

Genuine DJI Inspire 1 Part 61 — ND8 Filter is an important accessory you should have. This accessory allow you to change how much light is stopped by simply turning the front of the filter from ND 2–400 which equals to 1 stop to 8 2/3 stops , You can adjust to reduce the bright light in large aperture situations when a narrow depth is field is needed.

UV filter is the multi-functional filter; it blocks UV light from entering the lens and therefore reducing blurring, haziness and blue casting. At the same time, it is a very useful tool to add protection to the lens against dust, moisture, scratches.


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CPL Circular polarising filter improves the overall image quality in a couple of ways. Firstly, it increases color contrast and saturation, for instance increases the contrast of blue skies. Secondly, it reduces reflections that are often seen when photographing water, glass and similar reflective surfaces. Circular Polarising filter ensures uniform light distribution; therefore maintain the sharpness and color balance in images.

DJI Inspire 1 — TB48 Battery (5700mAh)

DJI Inspire 1 - TB48 Battery (5700mAh)

Have a great battery is very important to feel free when you fly with your inspire 1. That’s why we recommend buying this battery because it have another up for just 4000mAh.

The battery reports the voltage of each cell, the total lifetime charges and discharges, and the overall health and battery status. All this helps you keep your Inspire 1 in the air and flying.

LED indicators tell you remaining battery capacity or charger status. They are visible from the exterior of the aircraft.

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Name: Intelligent Flight Battery 
Model: TB48 
Capacity: 5700 mAh 
Voltage: 22.8 V 
Battery Type: LiPo 6S 
Energy: 129.96 Wh 
Net Weight: 670 g 
Operating Temperature Range: -10 to 40° C 
Storage Temperature Range: Less than 3 months: 20 to 45° C 
More than 3 months: 22° to 28° C 
Charging Temperature Range: 5° to 40° C 
Max Charging Power: 180 W

  • High capacity for up to 22 minutes of flight time
  • Four LEDS display both the status and the remaining power of the battery
  • Integrated power management and balanced charging capability
  • Smart charge/discharge functionality helps to protect your battery
  • Easy slot-in design for fast charging and installation/removal

180W Rapid Charger Power Adaptor with AC Cable for DJI Inspire 1 Drone

180W Rapid Charger Power Adaptor with AC Cable for DJI Inspire 1 Drone

The Rapid Charge Power Adapter is made specifically for DJI Inspire 1.

This is compatible with the Inspire 1 Remote and TB48/TB47 Intelligent Battery. 
It only takes 35 minutes to charge TB47 Intelligent Battery with 90% capacity, while takes 58 minutes to fully charge it. 
It only takes 45 minutes to charge TB48 Intelligent Battery with 90% capacity, while takes 68 minutes to fully charge it.


  • Model: ADE018
  • Iutput Voltage: 100–240V; 50–60Hz
  • Output Voltage: 26.1V
  • Output Current: 6.9A
  • Rated Power: 180W
  • Application Environment: indoor use only at 0–40° C

DJI Inspire 1345S Quick-Release Propellers Part 52

DJI Inspire 1345S Quick-Release Propellers Part 52

DJI 1345s Quick Release Propellers feature a new locking mechanism that prevents your propellers from becoming loose during flight. These propellers are reinforced with Carbon Fiber for solid flight and are suited to the motor deceleration functions native to your Inspire 1.

Includes a set of two propellers: one clockwise replacement propeller and one counter-clockwise replacement propeller.

Hoodman Dji Aviator Hood For The iPad Mini

Hoodman Drone Aviator Hood For The iPad Mini

The Drone Aviator Hood Kit from Hoodman includes the HAV1 Aviator Hood and HAV1E Aviator Hood Extender. Together, these two devices mount to your iPad mini for improved outdoor viewing by sealing out external light to reduce glare and enhance visibility, all without hindering touchscreen access or functionality.

iPad Mini 4

iPad Mini 4 Apple

While the DJI INSPIRE 1 works with a wide range of different phones and tablets, the software is very CPU intensive. Many users find that while their devices technically work, the experience is choppy, laggy or glitchy.

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iPad Mini 4 Specs:



MEMORY: 16/32/64/128 GB, 2 GB RAM




MicroSD card

MicroSD card

Your DJI INSPIRE 1 includes a 16GB microSD card, giving you enough space for 36 minutes of recorded 4K video. That is just slightly more time than the flight time from one battery. The DJI INSPIRE 1 officially supports a maximum size of 64GB microSD cards. I recommend purchasing one or more 64GB cards, each affording 2.4 hours of 4K video storage.

Go Professional Inspire 1 Travel Mode Case (X3/X5)

Go Professional Inspire 1 Travel Mode Case (X3/X5)

Our easiest to travel with, the DJI Inspire 1 X5 Travel Mode Case maximizes portability and protection for your Inspire 1 and accessories in a safe, waterproof environment. Will accommodate your Zenmuse X3, X5 Pro and X5 Raw!

  • 1 DJI Inspire 1 in Travel Mode
  • 1 X3, X5 Pro or X5 Raw Camera in Camera Box (Removable plug to accommodate either box)
  • 5 Batteries
  • Lens Cavity
  • 2 Monitors up to 10' (iPad air or iPad Mini)
  • 2 Radios
  • 1 Battery charging hub
  • 1 180W Rapid Charge Power Adapter
  • 1 Accessory cavity
  • Spare props

DJI Zenmuse X5

DJI Zenmuse X5

Equip your DJI Inspire 1 with Micro Four Thirds imaging performance and the benefits of an interchangeable lens system with the Zenmuse X5 Camera and 3-Axis Gimbal with 15mm f/1.7 Lens. This 4K camera system features an integrated 3-axis brushless gimbal that provides stabilization and enables the camera to move independently of the aircraft. In addition to video, the camera can take 16-megapixel still photos with the option for burst and time-lapse modes.

12.8 stops dynamic range for enhanced highlight and shadow detail Records video and stills to micro-SDHC/SDXC cards Single shot or take bursts for 3, 5, or 7 frames Time-lapse mode captures photos at stepped intervals between 3 and 60 seconds

Zenmuse X5
Zenmuse X5
Zenmuse X5
Zenmuse X5
Zenmuse X5
Zenmuse X5
Zenmuse X5
Zenmuse X5
Zenmuse X5
Zenmuse X5
Zenmuse X5
Zenmuse X5
Zenmuse X5

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