Dji Phantom 3 Standart Review — Drone for Beginners

dji phantom 3 standart

Hi everybody in other review. Drone of today is one of the most popular drone of Dji Company The Dji Phantom 3 Standard, this drone is normally for beginners but in the same time it have a lot of professional features we will see together in this quick review.

Dji Phantom 3 Standart Quadcopter Features


Fly with absolute freedom and confidence, knowing your Phantom 3 Standard will return to you at the press of a button. Built-in GPS records your Phantom’s takeoff point and remembers it as you fly. Then at your command, or if the control signal is ever lost, your Phantom comes back to you instantly.

Dji Phantom 3 Standart

Your Phantom 3 Standard stays stable and under your control at all times during flight. After takeoff, it automatically hovers in place, waiting for your command. It then effortlessly changes altitude or direction at the flick of a finger. When you want it to stop, it again pauses and hovers, waiting for your next instruction.



When you stop telling it to move, the Phantom 3 Standard hovers perfectly in place, holding both position and altitude. It waits for you to give it instructions.

Dji Phantom 3 Standart

This means all you need to think about is where you want to fly.

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Dji Phantom 3 Standart

Set height and distance limits to keep all flights within a safe area. The Phantom 3 Standard will automatically stop and stay inside of your chosen limits as you fly.


Dji Phantom 3 Standart

Four bright, large LED lights on each arm of the Phantom 3 Standard light up as you fly. So at a glance, you know which direction your Phantom is facing and its current status.

Dji Phantom 3 Standart Battery Life and Camera Review

Dji Phantom 3 Standart Battery Life

Fly for up to 25 minutes on a single charge. The patented DJI Intelligent Flight Battery continuously tells you exactly how long you can continue flying, based on how far and at what altitude you are, and it alerts you when it’s time to head back. This information is streamed live to the GO app on your mobile device.

Recharging is quick and easy, and bright LED indicators tell you current status and power level. A protective plastic housing helps prevent damage and

contains intelligent sensors that make your battery worry-free while extending the life of your battery.

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About Camera of Dji Phantom 3 Standart i will leave you with DigitalRev TV.

Dji Phantom 3 Standart Price:

About price of this quadcopter of dji drone it’s 450.00$ and Dji Phantom 3 Standart full accessories it’s 699.00$. You can order now :

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