Amazing Destination Wedding Dazzling The Guests With Sheer Magnificence!

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It’s every girl’s dream to have a handsome prince ride on a horse back, fight against fiery dragons and save her from the ivory castle and ride into the sunset! As dreamy as a girls mind can get, the groom’s ideas about his wedding is always quiet expensive and posh with high caliber expectations. (The bachelor’s party of course) However either of them sees it, marriage is the union of two hearts meant to be together and wedding is the ceremony symbolizing its beginning.

Magic Of Destination Weddings!

Getting married this summer? And all you want is for the wedding to be rainbow - spun, blessed with love, romance and some quality family time? Then a destination wedding is all you need.

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To nod yes when the dazzling wedding ring with hearts engraved, slides into your finger as the salty Jamaican sea breeze scuffles your lover’s hair or your best man dressed like a sailor when you are wedded on a cruising ship at sea is what destination weddings are all about!

A Home Away From Home Wedding Theme!

Oh yes it’s away from home but greater still, it’s magnificence and splendor is totally out of the world! Couples who always prefer a change of venue, who are confined enough to invite less people and charmed by getting married under a different sky rather than their hometown, become the suitors for this kind of home-away from home wedding theme.

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Wedding agencies, impeccable wedding planners and even the hotels we book are now becoming the adept hubs of hosting many amazing destination weddings. They take care of everything that comes at the expense of planning things. Be it culminated flight fares or hotel bookings, the imported flowers, local recipes or delicacies, rehearsal luncheons and even dance lessons for the participants, these handy people reduce the metaphorical distance from home for the family and guests.

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With the music and other entertainment alternatives shipped in, the purpose of visit can also be mutated as a perfect family vacation apart from the wedding hours. Touring the place, scuba diving, picnics and parties in this new found land will keep you occupied. If the destination is worth more than the ceremony alone, the newlywed couple can shove off the guests after the reception to enjoy their honeymoon under the blessed stars and sheer celestial magic.

An Array Of Choices for the Celestial Weddings In Incredible India!

A nation as vibrant as India which is blessed with the enormity of culture and merriness tagged to weddings is also blessed with many exotic wedding destinations that prove the popularity of the same. Why fly elsewhere in search of a perfect hotel, beach or snow clad winter valleys while the country in itself is lodged with many offers that can take you spell bound.

Rajasthan Heading The List for Royal Weddings!

If not for Rajasthan, which state can stand first in this list? Udaipur, Jaipur or Jodhpur, the pink city and the city of lakes will make you blush with the imperial palaces and state-of-the-art hotels. These cities and venues take pride in planning every single detail to the utmost perfection. The architectural ambience which sheds absolute magnificence coupled with the historic fame calls upon all the princes’ and princesses’ to start on their regal journey from here.

Weddings in the Luxuriant Backwaters of Kerala!

Is he a boat freak?? And if you want to surprise him dear ladies, let your man take your hand while you and your guests are floating over the luxuriant backwaters in Kerala. What’s more romantic than watching the never ending horizon from the mat-spun house-boats as the beckoning palm trees dance for the wind toasting the couple?

A Fairy Tale Wedding with Golden Sands tickling your feet And the Blue sky blessing you!

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The beach - paradise destinations to tie the knot are Goa and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Watch your girl gasp in wonder as the golden sand tickles her foot when she ramps down the aisle with her dad. Make her fairytale wedding dream come true with you standing impatiently against the pristine water- lit horizon.

Wedding In Shimla With the Backdrop of Snow-clad Mountains!

Take five is for Shimla and for all the beauty it has in store! Let the wedding rituals begin with the blessing of the Gods above as the mountain escaped sun rays gesture upon the bride and the groom. A quixotic wedding snap with four eyes full of love and a mountain barrier behind bathed in snow will make the most cherished moment of the wedding framed and laid on the mantelpiece at home.

Agra Weddings : Amidst Grandeur And Universal Symbol of Love!

Why not Agra which houses the universal symbol of love or Delhi whose palace gates is ever decorated and opened to welcome a future family? These twin cities will take you spell bound at the grandeur with which they host your wedding.

Sandal city and Garden City Blessing you Happily Ever After!

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Bangalore and Hyderabad enticingly call upon the wedding planning engaged couples across the country. Get over your wedding jitters and fly here with family and friends for an incredible ceremony and an auspicious beginning for the happily ever after journey.

She’ll be 66 and you’ll be 70, rocking grandkids on a porch, envisaging the place where it all started and one among the Indian destinations will be it! So get a ring and your girl into the next plane to be wedded away from home with all the celestial galaxies wishing you from above. Experience the superlative bliss of marriage and magic in these places!

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