The Different Forms Of Cricket And Its Evolution As A National Fever!

There is no other sport or game that has a comment of discipline imbibed in it like Cricket. Yes the ‘Gentleman’s Game’ as Cricket is also known, draws its roots of existence from the medieval England. London was believed to be the place where this sport was formerly started. However, its popularity as a sport rose phenomenally in the provinces of Berkshire, Essex, Hampshire and Middlesex. Main reason for cricket being associated with gentlemen is because during its origin and in the subsequent years that followed, officers from the military and defense services pioneered the art of playing the sport. This by default cultivated a healthy swing of discipline which followed pre and post the game being played.

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Reasons Why Indians Take To This Game Like Bees To Honey!

The scenario was such that imperialism was at its pinnacle peak. Intervention and colonization of India under British rule brought this game to the sub-continent. From then the craze to play this sport spread like a forest fire and soon this game attained its popularity in India. Movies like “Lagaan” which depicts a cricket match between India and Britain showcases the prominence of this game. Soon after Independence, Indians started taking the game more seriously and hence the spark of cricket spread like a chronic disease in India. But of course, this disease only got happiness and excitement into the heart and lives of its lovers!

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‘Cricket Is A Craze In India’ : An Understatement!

‘Cricket is a Craze in India’ has evolved from being a fact to an understatement. Of course there is no dispute on the fact that it is the heart and soul of millions of Indians! One of the main reasons for its up rise is none other than Sachin Tendulkar. This self-less and super talented human being has represented India on the whole as an Individual. It’s the records and efforts of this lad from a middle class family in Mumbai that today India is known and recognized in the global arena. Apart from Sachin, the game unites Indians and gives them reasons to celebrate. India being a land where people are always etching to jump into a festive mood, this sport delivers the perfect caffeine kick into youngsters and enthusiasts to shout out loud and celebrate! Rich, poor, homeless, jobless, carpenter, plumber, pilot, social worker no matter who; the rules of the game and the excitement to play it stays on! All that people need is a bat, ball and a small piece of space to launch into their own league of cricket.

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Different Forms And Un-Conventional Modes Of Playing : Cricket At Its Peak!

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Initially Cricket used to be a four day long affair, the Test cricket, as it is known in the modern days. These matches are the real test for a batsman as the conditions of the pitch might vary over time and patience at its peak is tested from time and again by bowlers. This format in the modern day is spread over a period of five days and each team gets to bat two innings.

Unlike ODI matches, test matches can even finish on a draw if neither of the teams have been able to win over the opposition completely. Although this is the real form of cricket it was a lengthy process and something compact had to be invented. Following this mind-set the ODI (One day International) was born. The prominence of ODI rose significantly as matches now could get over in a single day and viewership statistics witnessed a considerable high! Fifty overs a side and white cricket ball can decide the better of two teams on a given day in about nine to eleven hours. This quick format when compared to test cricket gave rise to lot of youngsters and un-conventional modes of playing the game.

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The major flip of coin occurred when T20 was introduced. Exciting and nerve racking as it serves to be, this 20 over a side format sends jitters down the spines of players and fans. Every ball bowled is potentially awaited by audience for a wicket or a six! As time progressed nowadays people enjoy the shorter version of the game. This factor was highly instrumental in the massive success of IPL. Surprisingly there are other forms of cricket which are persistently practiced in India.

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Having said so much about their love towards the game, Indians have invented cricket into their own compatibility zones. “Gully cricket” derives its name from gully which being a small lane in Hindi. Here there are lot of restrictions imposed on aerial shots and ground shots fetch more runs. On a few occasions rules like bounce catch after one pitch also implies. These rules add a new flavour to the game. Don’t have a bat? No place to play? Try the hand cricket! This game is quite common among kids in school and if you happen to be from the nineties then this game would mean much than fun! Ever seen a bunch of kids rapidly flipping their text book pages? Well the book cricket has in store lot of fun and quick math to add to its credentials as well. Cricket is such an integral part of our society that from time immemorial Indians have devised methods to incorporate it in daily lives.

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