Be at Home, Even when you are not.

Yes, You can do that now with the help of eGlu Smart Home Kit. Our Smart Home Solution provides you features with which you can control and monitor your home from anywhere in the world.

An eGlu Smart Home Kit comes with a TAG, Motion Sensor, Panic Alarm IP Camera, Smart Plugs and Smart Switches all able to let you control everything from your mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

you can see your house on your mobile phone live via eGlu App and know what your kids are doing and where is your pet? You can be relieved of the worry about the safety of the kids and the house. Basically eGlu Home Automation product comes with many features in security, convenience and energy conservation such as.

eGlu Smart Home Kit Applications (Security/Safety):

  • Turn on lights/alarm when there is an intruder in house, detected using window/door opening or detection of motion in an area. Also send, notification/email etc. To pre-assigned individuals.
  • Provide you a log of particular room, wardrobe in terms of when it was accessed over a period of time using motion sensor or door sensor. Can also get notifications each time it is accessed.
  • When you are out of station, can set-up the house in “secure-mode”. In this mode the lights in the house at different places will turn on/off randomly during evenings to create an impression that someone is at home. Also the motion sensors and door sensors will be automatically armed.
  • Get notifications when the kids (carrying tags in the bags) reach home.
  • Get notification when your pet with tagged collar leaves home.
  • You can keep a tab on who (maid/kids) are accessing your wardrobes/cabinets in your absence.
  • Control access to appliances like TV, AC, Wi-Fi etc. By locking the switch after a pre-defined ON time.
  • Button on the Tag can be programmed as panic-button, which will send notification/email to pre-defined list of people, especially useful for elderly people.
  • View your home live from anywhere on your mobile phone
  • You don’t have to keep checking the camera all the time when you are away. View it only when an event occurs in your home.

eGlu Smart Home Kit Applications (Convenience):

  • One light in the living room will automatically turn on when someone enter the house and it is night time (detection by phone, or detection by tag or detection by door sensor).
  • Bathroom light turns on when you get up at night, by detecting your motion.
  • Predefined modes like leaving house, evening, night etc. Where you can pre-program which lights/appliances to turn on/off.
  • Outdoor lights turn on automatically in evening and turn-off at dawn.
  • Turn-on geyser based on your morning alarm or a pre-defined time. Scheduling can be done differently for different days.
  • Find your car keys (attached to a TAG) by just pressing a button on the phone and the TAG will emit sound. You can also find the phone by pressing the TAG button.
  • Turn on AC before you reach home so that you get a cool home.
  • A tag in the pill box of elderly people can send notification when it is not moved during pre-defined periods when medicine needs to be taken.
  • Button on the Tag can be pre-programmed as a remote for a particular light/appliance.
  • Set the timer for your coffee machine so that you get brewed coffee when you get up in the morning.
  • Schedule appliances like coolers/fans for pre-defined time.
  • Turn on your washing machine / dish washer remotely, when no one is at home to avoid noise.

eGlu Smart Home Kit Applications (Energy Conservation):

  • Turn on lights only when there is motion, else turn off.
  • Bathroom lights to turn off automatically after a pre-defined time, so that energy is not wasted when people forget to switch off lights.
  • Geysers /AC to turn off automatically after a pre-defined time.

So you can see there are several applications of the eGlu Smart Home products, We strive to make the Home Automation in Indian Houses affordable and available at convenience. eGlu Smart Home Products have launched and available for purchase in Bangalore region, Please visit the website for more information on the product you can also sign up for the launch offer. If you are a dealer and looking for inquiry please send a mail to

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