Here is a pizza gate rap I recorded on my phone. I am not the best rapper but I will do whatever I can to expose the truth and save the children. Comet Ping Pong is a front for a human trafficking and a pedophile network located miles away from the White House in Washington DC. Leaked emails confirm codewords for pedophilia and human trafficking. The network goes much deeper and is worldwide. It is full of globalist, zionist, jesuits, freemasons, governments, royal families, and billionaires etc. They are involved in satanic rituals, sacrifices, cannibalism, blood drinking, pedophilia, child p0rn, fake orphanages, kidnappings, and more. Please visit for a better understanding of this case. There is millions of innocent children who are being harmed everyday. This is going to go down as the biggest turning point in history once humanity wakes up to what is going on and who is controlling the world. Please get involved and feel free to re-upload this video.

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