Being negative to be positive.

In this unpredictable life, where anything can happen anytime, the biggest mistake we do is to count the chickens before they are hatched.

Yes, we only see the greener side of the grass which is the brighter part of the future. Life doesn’t work this way. Of course we need to be positive about our lives for 2 reasons, one that we are supposed to be positive and the second is that’s what we are always told to do. There is nothing wrong in being positive. The problem starts when you become 100% positive. What you would realise at a certain time is that life has its own techniques to play with you. Nothing is perfect in this world. Nothing can be perfect and nothing should be perfect. Where there is perfection the competition ends. Without competition there is no gain, no growth, no success. Everything ends when growth stops.

Positivity and negativity are two sides of the same coin. If you doubt the need of negativity then let us go with a simple example. Negativity is like need of salt in food. Too much salt can work as poison but without salt there is no tatse. In order to be positive you need to be negative a little. In order to take most out of your life you need to be in alert position all the time. That is what negativity does for you. So stop avoiding negative words and people. Negativity is the necessity.