Critics of the Columbia program also claim that reporters can learn to use data by taking free or low-cost workshops or online courses. I think that is a big assumption. I was in one of those IRE workshops in June, observing a crash-course in R, and I’m not sure it’s something best picked up on the fly.
My 0.02 on what the $100K journalism MA means for America
Jane Nevins

I do think there should be more training options in the middle ground between a crash course and a full graduate degree.

The quick trainings too often either assume some level of technical background students might not have or go so slowly you can walk out of there and not actually have done much—so I’d love to see something that takes place over a longer timeframe and gives people a bit more room to get familiar with the tools and concepts they’re learning.

(Of course, a university can provide exactly that, but then we’re right back where we started…)

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