Stick it to the man and ditch your overpriced burnt coffee

In a world that the national breaking news for a three-day span revolves around a corporate coffee company changing their holiday inspired cups, we need to stick it to the man.

Surprisingly enough this is not a political agenda piece coming your way, especially with the elections slowly creeping upon us. Rather this is a call for you to stand up for something meaningful, something that impacts society, and something worth fighting for. This is a call to stand up for a decent cup of coffee.

I find it hard to write about Starbucks because I have never understood the allure behind the infamous coffee shop. I have lived in Seattle, Washington where the first Starbucks was created and sipped on the ground beans that people worship, and I still remain unimpressed. The beans are notoriously known for being burnt; the first sip that barely touches your tongue results in a sour-face unapologetically being formed upon your face due to the over-roasted coffee you have paid $4 for. There are statistics, studies, facts, and many opinions that prove the point on why local coffee shops offer a better cup of coffee than any corporate/business coffee shop which can be found here. The one reason I need is this: I feel at home tucked away in the corner of a local coffee shop.

The reasoning I have to prove my opinion does not revolve around statistics or graphs, however what I do have is personal experience which I believe holds a decent amount of credibility.

I can sit in a small business, local, smaller scale cafe for 12 hours. I never once get bored or tired of the environment because in a sense it is lived in. It is lived in by the man next to me reading through a Hunter Thompson novel. It is lived in by the Father sitting with his son sharing a freshly baked fruit nut and oat breakfast bar. It is lived in by a couple sitting together in silence sipping on their vanilla lattes. It is lived in by the writer staring blankly at her computer for hours on end, sipping coffee after coffee relentlessly before her fingers take to her keyboard and they do not stop typing for the next three hours.

These smaller scale coffee shops are not perfectly put together by a corporate design expert, they were decorated with love and admiration for the company that was started here. It is seen in the worn wood of the tables, the succulents that line the windows opening up to see the peaks of the mountains, the green velvet chair in the corner that is comforting and encouraged to sit in.

When I go to a local coffee shop I do not feel rushed, pestered, or unwanted; Instead I feel quite the contrary, which unfortunately is not what you tend to find at these big businesses.

However, I find it fortunate that these local coffee shops keep their hidden oasis away from the busy bustle of people. That is the reason why a local coffee shop is significantly more interesting and thought-provoking to people; it serves as a personal sanctuary.

If you are looking for an impersonal, overpriced, and over-roasted cup of coffee keep going to your local Starbucks. But if you are looking for a well-done cup of coffee that is served to you as a Barista’s latest art piece then venture out to a local coffee shop, you will not regret your decision.