My Friends Migrated to Instagram and I’m Still on Facebook

I can’t keep up with the social media…

A while ago I started to notice that my daughter, the perpetual self-promoter of a good time had by all, wish you we here, wasn’t posting as much on Facebook. And I missed her, where was she? Then one day at an outing my friend asked me if I had seen my daughter’s recent post on Instagram.

“No,” I replied. “I’m not on it.”

“Not on Instagram?”

Well how dare I.

So I opened up an account to see what was going on and lo and behold all those friends of mine who I thought were just becoming recluses were posting their life events on Instagram, and I didn’t even know they had left Facebook.

Of course there are those who like to post to all media outlets in one gigantic swoop, which Instagram allows, as long as the photo is from your phone. I discovered that today. But my mind is reeling because I sat up in bed last night and instead of counting sheep I counted all of the social media accounts I now have.

Let me explain, I am an author. I am self-published. Hence, I have to promote my books. I’d had Facebook since my high school reunion five years ago, and opened up a twitter account last year. I tweet. I had a Pinterest account before I began writing, to check out recipes and ideas for my back patio. Now I ‘Pin’ about my book, or my blogs. But things are getting out of hand.

I have two websites. I have a website called The Durant Family Saga that chronicles my research journey for the historical fiction trilogy I am writing. I have an author website page, and I have an outdated Blogger site that I started years ago called LivingintheFingerLakes that I haven’t posted to in months because I am too busy keeping up with all my other social media.

Did I mention I also have a Tumblr account? I forgot the password. I think I am on Reddit. I link to colleagues on Linkedin, I stumble on Stumbleupon, I review on Goodreads, I post to communities on Google Plus, and I have an Amazon Author page which one person started a discussion on about 18 months ago. I answered him. He didn’t reply.

Dear God, help me. It’s pathetic.

I thought Hootsuite would assist me by scheduling my posts, so I set up an account. Now if I could only remember to log onto it once in awhile.

Then I started on Medium. I guess I like to write and even though I don’t get a lot of those heart thingys at the bottom of my posts, I don’t seem to mind talking to the air. Because I keep logging on and posting stuff like this.

Yes, this is what keeps me up at night. This, and my kids, and my students’ grades. And the characters in my book who keep screaming at me about their escapades so that I have to get up in the middle of the night and write down their thoughts in a journal.

Oh, and yes, I have not one, but three journals going right now. My personal, one for the Durant Family Saga, and one for a contemporary story I’m writing about cigarette smuggling on the Canadian border. This one I haven’t touched in months because I’d written 20,000 words and hit a block.

I have no idea how that happens given all the outlets I have for my writing.