Forbidden Magic: How I Lost Harry Potter and Got Him Back
Chris Anderson

I loved loved loved reading this! Let me say, I don’t love your dad’s decision but I do understand it. Today in the news we are in the middle of this ugly election, wars, racism, sexism — it just feels like we are in a very dark time. I needed to read something that gave me a little magic. (And I’m in the middle of reading Red Sparrow which unfortunately feels more like a scary true story rather than a fun spy novel) I was a new Christian when the first Harry Potter came out and my oldest daughter was six years old already devouring any book she could get her hands on. I was not raised Christian but I was raised a reader and my parents never censored anything (literally anything I grew up on Stephen King and Airplane movies) so when my daughter asked to read Harry Potter I was torn. I had heard the conservative Christian Focus on the Family rhetoric. I felt young in my faith and loved and wanted to protect my child. I’m sure your father felt similarly. But I had the benefit of being a reader and knew that reading only made my life better. It was part of my DNA and my husband’s as well. So I did what I knew — I read my Bible and read over and over “do not fear” so I read Harry for myself and realized there was nothing to fear from a story that was clearly about good versus evil, love, hope, wonder, standing up against bullies and making the right decision even when it’s hard. Those were all gifts I wanted to give my children — and some of my fondest memories are reading every book aloud to them as they curled up next to me. I’m thankful that I found out for myself but I truly do understand your dad. There was a lot of pressure at that time and I had a lot of friends who questioned my decision, at least until they finally gave in and read them for themselves. ;) Thanks again for sharing your story — it was hopeful because ultimately you were able to find your own way to Harry and more importantly, to reading.

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