The ideal EIC Accelerator candidate

My EU Consulting
Jul 8, 2019 · 2 min read

The EIC Accelerator call is amongst the most competitive calls in the world, with merely 6% of applicants making it to the interview stage, half of who are ultimately funded.

While our expertise in writing the proposal is a key determinant in making it past the initial evaluation, the most critical factor is our ability to identify and pick winning candidates.

Considerable time and effort is invested in the process of sourcing and evaluating our customers, before making an offer to work with you.

On the technology side, there are 3 elements which are taken into consideration:

1Technology: We work with ground-breaking science-based innovations. That does not necessarily mean that we are only selecting candidates in life-sciences or engineering, however we will typically opt for solutions with a clear European added value, disrupting their respective industry by solving unique challenges and delivering important benefits to society as a whole.

2Sector: While there is no pre-determined sectors, we work in the following areas: Space, Security, Public sector innovation, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Health, Engineering and technology, Energy, Earth and related environmental sciences, Construction and Transport, Biotechnology, Agriculture / Rural Development & Fisheries

3Patents offer a convincing evidence of innovation and will be preferred over non-patentable solutions.

On the Company side, the ideal candidate has successfully completed the initial steps of its life-cycle:

— combining awards, fundraising and validation and who is taking concrete steps to prepare for Series A.

  • Team: The company must demonstrate that it can attract talent (10–15 people) in key positions and must have established a suitable governance structure, preferably with a board of senior advisors.
  • Funding: The company must have a proven track record in fundraising (a minimum of 750K EUR either through grants or equity rounds).
  • Years since incorporation: As the technologies we work with often require several years of development and validation before reaching the market, our startups are at least 3–5 years old.

Please note that the above criteria are merely indicative and that candidates are evaluated as a whole by evaluating business plans.

To find out more about our services please contact us, we will be happy to evaluate your case in more detail.

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