How to Lodge an Early Tax Return?

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Apr 22, 2015 · 3 min read

Australian financial year of 2015 will be started soon. Many individuals and businesses will pay their tax amount by filing their tax returns. Most of the individuals will submit the online tax return 2015 too. Online methods are more reliable and convenient ways to lodge tax returns.

Every year, thousands of taxpayers lodge their own income tax return for the first time. That’s why many of them do not know the procedure of submitting tax return. They may not know even where to start. Here we share a complete procedure of lodging an early tax return that will help you to filing your tax return.

Australian resident

If you are an Australian resident for tax purposes, tax returns filed before the end of the financial year will be accepted. But, if you are leaving Australia, you will not be considered as a resident of Australia for tax purposes. And after leaving Australia, you will not obtain any Australian sourced income (excluding dividend, interest and royalty income) for the remaining financial year.


If you are non-resident of Australia for tax consideration, tax returns submitted before the end of the financial year will be accepted. But, if you are leaving Australia permanently, then you will not get any Australian sourced income (excluding dividend, interest and royalty income) for the remaining of the financial year after you are gone.

After leaving Australia, if you will receive any Australian sourced income, then you will also need to file your tax return in the regular period that is from July 1 to October 31. The same procedure and applies will be followed if you are not leaving Australia. Extensions are also available to submit the return, when you want to submit your return through a tax agent.

If you are lodging an early tax return, you should follow these steps:

early tax return

• Collect all the payment summaries from each of your employers and also get complete details of your income earned in Australia.
• Contact the Australian tax office and talk about the outstanding debts and filing any unlodged returns for earlier years.
• Complete your return and also highlight the relevant year of the tax return.
• Also attach the request for early assessment form.
• And then post your tax return form to GPO Box 9990 in your capital city.

Tax return will take about six weeks to process and then it will be sent to the tax department. If you have any query or want to get any information, you can call to the tax office on 132861.

If you are considered to be an Australian resident for tax considerations, but you leave Australia during the time frame of filing your tax return, then the following methods can be used for lodging your statement. You can choose one of them according to your requirements.

• You can lodge it online by using e-tax or my Tax. Both methods are the best options if you want to lodge quick tax return.
• While you are overseas, you can file in person at an Australian Embassy.
• You can post your return to the tax office from overseas.
• You can hire an Australian tax agent to lodge your return
• You can have a family member or friend to submit your return on your behalf after completing the Power of Attorney.

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